Monday Night Roundtable: July 19th - Full Recap

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    Complete Wrap up with all the threads:

    Opening Thread:

    Week 1:

    Week 2:

    Week 3:

    Week 4:

    Week 5:

    Week 6:

    Week 7:

    Week 8:

    Week 9:

    Week 10:

    Week 11:

    Week 12:

    Week 13:

    Week 14:

    Week 15:

    Week 16:

    Chat Wrap Up:

    Next week is a relaxed single thread chat, with a topic that should be a good time for everyone. Considering we'll be doing it just a few days before camp, it should be a lot of fun - so I hope to see all of you there!

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    Damn. I was hoping you were going to keep the threads open today so I could get to predicting after class. Oh well, this thread will have to do I guess. :D
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    Alright. Since I wasn't able to attend the round table last night, I'll just put my predictions here.

    Week 1. Pats vs. Bengals: Pats 31 - 14
    Pats start slowly in the first half, then put it together on offense in the second half. Defense has a little trouble stopping Benson and the Bengals running game, but Carson Palmer is still inconsistent through the air.

    Week 2. Pats @ Jets: Pats 23 - 13
    Crowd at the new Meadowlands is fired up for the Pats but the Jets, without their prized new receiving acquisition, cannot keep up. Their running game is stalled and Sanchez throws two INT's. Jets defense helps to keep the game somewhat competitive but their offense is almost non-existent.

    Week 3. Pats vs. Bills: Pats 41 - 10
    Without a viable option at quarterback and sub-par receiving threats, the Pats defense can pin their ears back and stop the run. Meanwhile, Brady and Co. explode on an over matched Bills defense. Defense causes three turnovers: two picks (one for a TD) and a fumble.

    Week 4. Pats @ Dolphins: Dolphins 24 -17
    Brady and the Pats are usually guaranteed to put up a stinker in Miami and this night is no different. New England loses for the first time this season as they have trouble containing Brandon Marshall and stopping Miami's two headed running game. 4th quarter surge makes the game closer in the end but Miami still pulls off the win on their home turf in front of a raucous Monday Night crowd.

    Week 5: Bye Week: Pats 59 - 6
    Bye week is a team in transition at this point. Pats take full advantage as Brady throws for 6 TD's.

    Week 6: Pats vs. Ravens: Pats 20 - 17
    In one of the most physical matches of the year, the lead changes hands multiple times with the Ravens taking the lead late in the 4th quarter. A subsequent offensive drive for the Pats puts them at their own 30 yard line and Ghost hits a field goal for the win.

    Week 7: Pats @ Chargers: Chargers 34 - 14
    After the physical toll of the Ravens game from the week before and a subsequent west coast trip for the Pats, the team does not show up as the Chargers pull away in the second half for a big win.

    Week 8: Pats vs. Vikings: Vikings 27 - 23
    Adrian Peterson has a big game against our defense as does Brett Favre. Offensively, the O-Line actually does a good job of keeping Brady upright for much of the game. Contest ends in a 27-23 Vikings win on a 4th quarter TD pass from Favre. Very competitive game. Pats fans then see their hate level for Favre actually go up. New England suffers a two game losing streak and the media jumps all over it wondering if the Pats can keep up with the better teams in the league.

    Week 9: Pats @ Browns: Pats 42 - 14
    After a week of speculation after the Vikings game, the Pats' offense explodes on a hapless Browns team and the defense shuts down their running game and forces multiple INT's from Delhomme. After the game, Mangini answers questions about his job security while the Cleveland fan base and media calls for Delhomme to be benched in favor of rookie Colt McCoy.

    Week 10: Pats @ Steelers: Pats 31 - 20
    Roethlisberger returns to the starting line-up for the Steelers who were actually competitive without him in the first nine weeks. In a hyped Sunday Night Football game, Brady continues his career dominance of Dick LeBeau's defense passing for 3 TD's as Roethlisberger has trouble shaking off the rust.

    Week 11: Pats vs. Colts: Pats 38 - 35
    In the best game of the year, Peyton Manning has a field day against our defense passing for 4 TD's while Addai runs in another. Brady and the Pats rushing attack repay the favor by torching the Colts defense. Colts team the lead 35 - 31 midway through the 4th quarter but the Pats roar back in front of their home crowd and take the lead 38 - 35 with just under two minutes remaining. Game ends on a 4th down sack by Brandon Spikes at the Pats 42 yard line. :rocker:

    Week 12: Pats @ Lions: Pats 34 - 9
    Pats march into Detroit high off of their win against the Colts and dominate the Lions on both sides of the ball. The lone bright spot for Detroit is that Stafford and Johnson have big days but are unable to punch the ball in for 7.

    Week 13: Pats vs. Jets: Jets 17 - 16
    With Holmes back in the line-up, New York, fighting for their playoff lives at this point, get revenge on the Pats at the Razor as the Jet defense holds the Pats to their second lowest point total of the season. Sanchez still has a shaky game, but the Jets running game keeps the ball in their offense's hands as Brady and Co. lose the T.O.P. battle. After the game, Rex Ryan annihilates the local Italian buffet.

    Week 14: Pats @ Bears: Pats 23 - 7
    Defense rebounds from a somewhat poor outing the week before and shuts down the Bears running game forcing the game into Jay Cutler's hands who then throws 4 picks (one for a TD). Pats offense is efficient, but has trouble with the Peppers and the Bears pass rushers at times which holds them to a somewhat low point total compared to the rest of the season.

    Week 15: Pats vs. Packers: Pats 35 - 31
    Game becomes the shoot-out that most expect it to be. Both Brady and Rodgers have great days but in the end the Packers defense isn't able to stop the Pats offense in the 4th quarter as the team goes on a long-time consuming drive for a TD. Pats defense is able to make one more stand for a big late-season win. With this win, the Pats take the division.

    Week 16: Pats @ Bills: Pats 17 - 9
    The usual terrible weather late-season game in Buffalo occurs. Pats offense is slowed more by the weather than the Bills defense. Buffalo's running game nets them three field goals but they are unable to punch it in at any point in the game.

    Week 17: Pats vs. Dolphins: Pats 21 - 20
    BB elects to keep Brady in through three quarters and insert Hoyer in the 4th quarter. The Dolphins have trouble in the snow, but score a late TD to make the game look more competitive than it really was. Pats get revenge for the Week 4 loss and go into the playoffs on a four game winning streak.

    Final Predicted Record: 12-4
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    Let me guess the potential topic... Brady holdout...should Welker start on PUP...where's the pass rush gonna come way Patten makes this team...why not TO...what can we get for Mankins...Kraft is cheap...Pat Patriot or Flying Elvis.
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