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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by everlong, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. everlong

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    Jan 17, 2007
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    #12 Jersey

    If we win Monday morning we'll all wake up and the healing process will have started. Everybody will be really tired after not being able to sleep because they're too pumped up.

    Many will head over to the Chargers and Jets sites, especially if the Jets lose to the Ravens, for a good helping of FU you still cannot beat us and enjoy the AFC East cellar @ssholes, see you in December.

    The national media will have no choice but to slow down on the bashing, some like Prisco and Borges won't but nothing would stop those hacks.

    The board here will change from panic, despair, reassurance, and frustration to unity, US vs Them and F' them attitude, talk of the Super Bowl will return sprinkled with thoughts of a perfect season. Trolls will leave or be ignored, with the exception of some of our die-hard masochists.

    Talk of the Colts game will come back as the big matchup.

    If we should lose..........everybody is going to wake up really tired and miserable after the worst week in Pats history in a long time, after not being able to sleep as they replay the game in their heads over and over and over....

    The trolls will be here in full force trumpeting how we cannot beat anybody without cheating. The Jets fans will be here even if they get crushed by the Ravens. Chargers fans will be insufferable. Colts, Broncos and other trolls will hop on board the misery express.

    The national, and local media for that matter, will continue to pile on perhaps even harder even though we lost to a very capable team.

    The board will be a contrast of those say it's only one game with a long face to those who sound like a Red Soxs fan circa 2003. It'll be another week full of camera-gate and people trying to convince themselves it will be ok. More posts of this coach said this about the Pats situation. People will say it's worse than losing to the Colts in the AFCCG.

    It's been a very emotional week so the gut reaction is going to be to over react either way. Just remember it's only a game in September. We've never won a SB in September and we have lost games in September and still won Super Bowls.

    Let's act like we've been there before and not run around like a bunch of Jets Fans with our heads cut off, although Jets Fans with their heads cut off is pretty funny, but I digress.

    Enjoy the game, remember it's a game, and remember most of this is because other teams and their fans resent the success of this team and because the media resent BB because he's not a ball washer.

    No matter if you think BB is innocent, guilty, or was hoping for a loop hole it doesn't matter. It's time to move on as fans of the team. Personally I'm in the loop hole camp and I think the punishment is BS but it's not going to change. I think Miami taping us is no different and Denver losing a 3rd for cheating the cap is a worse offense with a lesser penalty.

    Doesn't matter, let's move foward.
  2. ljuneau

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    Sep 1, 2007
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    Any day you wake up alive, to me, is a good day. If the Pats win, that just may take the place of my expresso Monday morning. If not, well, I may sleep in and get to work a little late.
  3. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    It is just one game. The Patriot way is consistently winning, I want a SB to shut some people up, all the while being watched like a dog, so as to ensure we never cheated....

    then I am hauling out the F-U to the rest of the teams and their fans.
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