MMQB: De Smith fills in to champion good sportsmanship

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    And basically admits there is no bad blood between he and Goodell. I sensed as much as the CBA got worked out. The problem is he does nothing to forge a similar relationship between the league and the players. He lets situations get out of hand and allows the lawyers to set the tone and further erode any potential relationship building. In part because he believes in the carrot and the carrot rather than the carrot and the stick approach. Everyone is just trying to make the game better, even the screw ups who cheat the system or tarnish the shield. They never intended to misbehave, the system made them who they are and therefore the league, because it is an institution and part of the system, is somehow complicit. And the misguided individual is absolved of accountability. The way to achieve compliance with what everyone clearly wants is to refrain from punishing transgressors. Put down the stick and just offer them more carrots...and a hug. Because clearly they don't mean to be bad or do bad things, the system simply failed them at some point. There are no consequences, just tootless teaching points. You should be better because you can, not because you must. He and his charges are lucky that Roger is big on redemption and second chances. Just not total lack of accountability or consequence. That's the real philosophical difference between De and Roger in a nutshell. De believes if a child misbehaves it's a parenting problem. Roger believes that parenting aside, some children will persistently misbehave because they have learned they can escape consequence.

    Buried in point 7 of ten things De thinks he thinks lies the rub. It might as well be the NFLPA motto...

    De should know since he's one of that lot who just want to talk about it. The NFL will never be Utopia because human nature dictates Utopia will never exist. You can chase it to your hearts content. Meanwhile in the real world real leaders will deal with that reality.

    DeMaurice Smith*discusses the importance of being a good sport - Peter King -
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    My Question is "How's the Starbucks at the Detroit airport?"

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