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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DaBruinz, Aug 21, 2007.

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    For Pats1 and BOR (or anyone else for that matter), have you all noticed Mills on any of the special teams coverage units or on the return units as a blocker? Mills was supposed to be a very good special teamer coming out of college and if he is going to make this team, its going to have to be more than just contributing out of the backfield... Its going to require very good special teams play.
  2. pats1

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    Re: Mills on special teams....

    Can't recall him in any, no.
  3. Oswlek

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    Re: Mills on special teams....

    Not a good sign for Garrett, considering it isn't as if he's running with the top dogs on offense or anything.
  4. PatsFan37

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    Re: Mills on special teams....

    I thought I saw him out there late in the game. I don't spend much time watching ST's play, so I can't be sure. I certainly couldn't tell you how well he was doing, I really think you need an overhead shot to see that.
  5. patpatriot

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    This week's Patriots Football Weekly mentioned that Justin Rogers is now working with the first return team but no sign of Mills on ST. They did mention that in several practices he looked good catching the ball for what that's worth. Paul Perillo even had him making the 53 in his piece on roster prediction.
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    If you remeber a punt return that went into the endzone behind Childress, Mills was delivering a block on a guy who might have been able to down it.

    The play might be memorable because another Titans player almost comically, put his hands up and danced out of the way, as teh ball bounced and went into the endzone. I thought that I saw him around the tackle, but not particiapting in a couple of other kick coverage plays.
  7. patchick

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    He was by all reports an absolute demon on coverage teams in college. Maybe worth considering as we plot out our 53 projections, since a 3rd TE is a better candidate to be a game-day active on teams than a 5th safety.
  8. Crazyeechrispats1

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    I'm on record as liking Mills and saying he makes the 53, he does have versatility and the way our tightends been dropping in class no less mills has to make the 53.

    He was real promising last preseason which didn't materialize into anything worthy in the regular season however he seems like a driven young man who loves football and that has to count for something.
  9. Oswlek

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    I was driving the Mills bandwagon, but I am very disappointed in what he has shown this preseason. At this point, I'd have a hard time seeing him stick if it weren't for the injuries at the TE spot. Even with them, it seems that he has an uphill climb,

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