Mike Tomlin's take

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  1. true_patriot

    true_patriot Practice Squad Player

    In regards to the rumors before, were they limited to New England?
    "A lot has been said about the New England guys and New England family, if you will. You focus on the variables that you can control; the men that you work with, your preparation; your performance, at least I do. I don't worry about those things."


    What does he mean by "New England Family"???
  2. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    Re: Mike Tomlin's Take.

    you can how the spin is directed towards to the 3 superbowls already won.
    regardless of what the nfl decideds, the damage is done sort of because the media portion which despises the pats will always bring this up forever.
  3. 1976pats

    1976pats Practice Squad Player

    Re: Mike Tomlin's Take.

    How about this question from the Tomlin interview?

    "If the Patriots are proved to be cheating, should the punishment be harsh and should there be a mark next to their Super Bowl wins?"

    Can you believe this crap? Did I miss the fact that Borges got a new gig?
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