Mike Reiss joins the PatsPropaganda & Frenz Podcast Sunday at 1pm EST

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    Thanks to Ian for allowing us a little self-promotion, as Erik and I are excited to announce that Mike Reiss will be joining our podcast this Sunday.

    There are many great, insightful fans here so we wanted to open the door to any questions you'd love to hear Reiss' take on. Please post them below and we'll pick the best ones.

    What am I am most excited to talk to him about is his perspective on the Patriots evolution as a football team over the past decade. We don't want this to be just another draft recap with thirty minutes of talk about the pass rush. Reiss has an unequaled insight and access to the team so we really want to use this opportunity to pick his brain.

    There will be an audio player posted on PatsPropaganda.com Sunday morning where you can listen live, and it will also be available immediate afterwards on Itunes. Thanks again to Ian! Hope you can all listen in, we're very, very excited and we look forward to the input from all of you.

    Mike D.
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    I highly recommend any and all Pats fans give these three a listen. I stumbled across these a couple months ago and found them to be well worth the half-hour of listening time. In addition if you can't listen live there will be a link up shortly afterwards so you can hear the conversation when it is convenient to you.

    Here is a direct link to Mike's recent podcasts:
    PatsPropaganda & Frenz Podcast | Blog Talk Radio

    They can also be found on the front page of his site: Pats Propaganda
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