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    Some interesting observations and information I'll highlight snipets of - and FYI he thinks Wilson will remain out while Warren and possibly Neal will return. He's concerned that Samuel will not play as he's been in sweat pants for two days. He also says the Field Turf installation is on schedule, the players are generally welcoming it, and Vinny is not the first player to don #14 - it was the incomparable PK Sam's in 2004. Also no throwback unis this season but the silver unis will be worn against Houston.

    Why can't the Patriots stay committed to running the football? Most often than not they run the ball well so why go away from it?

    Mike_Reiss I think this is a case where the stats don't tell the whole story. The Patriots are 7th in the NFL in rushing offense, but when they've truly needed running yards, they haven't been consistent. In the last two games combined, the team has had 18 running plays go for 2 yards or less. That's a very high number. Some of those low-yardage and negative plays have forced the team into passing situations.

    On Rodney's timetable:

    Mike_Reiss Dan Pires of the New Bedford (Mass.) Standard Times wrote a story that had Harrison's timeline at around six weeks. His information came from a source close to the situation. I haven't been able to confirm that, but it sounds around the right ballpark.

    Why didn't the pats go after another receiver before the deadline... Porter, Moss, etc.

    Mike_Reiss From what I understand, not many WRs were available. The ones that were didn't represent more of an upgrade than what they had. Had the Redskins been willing to deal David Patten, I think the Patriots would have taken him back. But from what I hear, the 'Skins didn't want to move him.

    Do you feel there just might be some turning to Vinny on play strategy.

    Mike_Reiss I really don't think that was part of the move to bring Testaverde here.

    Should I play Doug Gabriel this week on my fantasy team?

    Mike_Reiss I wouldn't play Gabriel. After he was benched last week, I'd hesitate to count on him in fantasy, because there's no guarantee he'll be back out there. I'd play it safe.

    The last couple seasons the WR/TE screen has been a staple for the Pats. This year we've not seen a lot of success. Have they just not been calling it or has it been poor execution?

    Mike_Reiss They have been calling the screens, but haven't had much success. My feeling is that opponents know the Patriots are such a good screen team, so they go out of their way to take that away from the Patriots. [/b]

    Why has Chad Jackson not been a bigger part of the offense this year? Injury or ineffectiveness. Is he the next Hart Lee Dykes?

    Mike_Reiss I think it's that he has yet to earn the complete confidence of Brady and the coaching staff. Clearly, he has the physical tools. It's a matter of being able to make the many mental adjustments that are part of playing receiver that seems to be Jackson's final hurdle before he sees more playing time. [/b]

    What has Vinny's presence done to Matt's confidence? Does he see himself as a true #2 or does he figure to get passed over in an emergency situation? While it might have short-term benefit to bring in a vet's skills, it could have a long term negative effect on Cassel's confidence.

    Mike_Reiss Cassel is fine. It was made clear to him that Testaverde was solely the emergency option, and nothing else. I wouldn't read anything more into it.

    Hey, Mike, get any sense down there this week that they're going to focus more on getting balance back into their offense?

    Mike_Reiss I was specifically looking for your question this week, Pats 67. Thanks for checking in. I do get that sense. They practiced in pads twice this week, which I think is unusual at this time of year. I think they want to get back to establishing a little bit of an offensive identity, that they're physical in both the running and passing games.

    Link to the full chat transcript:

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    Is it just me or do the VAST majority of letters to Reiss and to PFW come from braindead pseudo-fans with absolutely no F-ing clue about the Patriots or football? Vinny's presence affecting Cassel's confidence???? Is Chad Jackson the next Hart Lee Dykes?????

    Good F-ing LORD - Is my MOM writing in?! What the H is happening????
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    #12 Jersey

    LOL. Thanks man, I needed that. :D
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    Do you ever wonder if Reiss wishes he'd gotten his degree in Clinical Psychology?

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