Mike Lombardi on BB and the draft

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by PonyExpress, Apr 21, 2008.

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    Thanks. I stopped visiting SI a while ago, I'd have missed it.
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    Very good stuff
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    Good Read....

    I think Lombardi was a year early with Brady being on our roster but oh well.
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    Nope, you were apparently a year late...

    A mod should really move this to the main board so everyone will read it.

    There are a lot of insightful little nuggets about Bill's true genius as witnessed by someone who not only grasped them but can articulate them. What he said about Bill making this pick with an eye to not upsetting his salary structure is in line with what Bill said himself about a player taken there today having to be a perenial pro bowler to be worth the contract. I think that is why guys like him and Mayock (who played for BB) have us taking Albert. Can't pay that money to a conversion project or a college corner or a tandem RB unless you want Brady's next contract extension discount to begin at something <$20M...

    The Brady Bledsoe observation underscored what some here long believed. While he didn't know what Brady was when he drafted him, he knew he had something special before 2001 and that is why he stuck on the roster. He also knew what he didn't have in Bledsoe, but he had to let that play out for a while to give Brady a year to develop and Bledsoe another year or so to prove face of the franchise players aren't necessarily franchise players.

    His mock on NFLN on 4/11 was a little unusual.

    Miami - JLong
    St. Louis - CLong
    Atlanta - Dorsey
    Oakland - Gholston
    KC - Clady
    JETS - Ryan (he firmly believes they cannot close the gap until they have a QB and he does not believe they do)
    NE - Albert
    Baltimore - DRC
    Bengals - McFadden (best defense is an offense that keeps their D off the field and they need a running game)
    NO - Ellis

    He does not believe Dallas will do a trade up for McFadden - said Jerry is tough to deal with on draft trades. He also said only 6 RB had been taken in the top ten in a time frame I don't recall offhand and 3 of them are already busts. Said Bush can't block and is not a good receiving threat so that makes him one dimentional. Because of the bust and injury concerns only a RB like MFaulk is a legit top ten pick. And while he disagreed he did see the McFadden to JETS rationale if what you want is to win some games - but it will not close the gap so to him it's shortsighted. Says Clemens can't make the throws now and he lacks the size to withstand the beating QB's take that can further sap arm strength over time. Said Buffalo is closer to closing the gap because in addition to some good young talent they seem to have found a QB.
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    It is on the main board also.. it is well written and gives kudos that are well deserved.
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    Great article, but his mock is a little wacky. :D
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