Mike Carey named XLII official [merged]

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    Re: Mike Carey named XLII official

    I love Mike Carey, so I'm glad he got it.

    He has the funniest calls, what with the emphatic hand gestures and halting speech.

    "False start! On the offense! (as he whips his arm around to point at the offensive side) Number 71! Five yard penalty! Still second down!"

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    Re: Mike Carey named XLII official

    Pretty cool. Last year we had two black coaches. Although Dungy saw it more important that they were both Christian (as if two Christian coaches never coached against one another). That made me wonder how he would have felt had the opposing coach been Muslim or Jewish. :D

    Anyway, I can't say that I know much about this guy (that I can recall). Is he and his crew decent?
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    Re: Mike Carey named XLII official

    Good call by the NFL - like his emphatic arm swing on whoverver is at fault - D or O - and his explanation. He is a good ref - and as an African American, he is a great selection by the NFL. Lets hope he doesn't call any 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalties on no. 37!
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    Re: Mike Carey named XLII official

    Per Wikipedia:

    "Carey is also co-owner of Seirus Innovation, a privately held company that manufactures ski and snowboarding gloves, face protection, and other cold-weather accessories"

    Sounds like he would have been a good choice for this weekend's games instead!
  6. Patsfanin Philly

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    Re: Mike Carey named XLII official

    He did the Pats-Cowboys game as well as the Giants game in week 17...

    I'm a little shocked that the NFL named Mike Carey the ref for two reasons. In the past, the NFL has had referees officiate usually only one game per post-season after the wild card round. If a referee has officiated during Wild Card weekend, then they have brought that official back to do the Super Bowl. It has happened three times in the last ten years

    year Ref wild card teams SB teams
    2001-02 Kukar SF-GB NE-StL
    2002-03 Carollo Clev-Pitt Oak-TB
    2005-06 Leavy NYG-Car Pitt-Sea

    and each time the teams in the Super Bowl were not teams that the official had done games for in the post-season. Here's what caught my attention. Mike Carey officiated during the divisional round and was the official for the Seattle @ Green Bay game. Should the Packers win on Sunday, then Carey would be officiating two Packer games in the same post-season as well as having done two of the last seven games in the post-season. I thought that the NFL would wait until after Sunday and let Carey do it only if the Giants won.....
    I think he's a great ref ( thank goodness it's not Parry) and will probably call an honest game as opposed to some recent games with other crews but you have to admit, it does raise an eyebrow and is against recent convention. Maybe Goodell decided he wanted the best and convention be damned......
    In addition, since he officiated the Pats-Giants game in week 17, no matter who wins the NFC game tomorrow, he will have done two of their games in a 5 week span which almost never happens in the regular season.
  7. Fanfrom1960

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    Re: Mike Carey named XLII official

    He seems really good, but of course you can't see on TV what they're calling for penalties, except for replays. He was the crew chief for one of last weekend's games (Packers - Seahawks?). He always seems to have games he does under control.
  8. groundgame

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    Re: Mike Carey named XLII official

    Well deserved.
  9. tombonneau

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    Mike Carey to Ref the Super Bowl

    Good to know that one of the two best refs in the game (second only to Ed HGH Hochuli) will be running the big show in two weeks.

    If the Pats are fortunate enough to advance, that's good news.
  10. RPMCanes

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    Re: Mike Carey to Ref the Super Bowl

    That guy's really good. Makes me feel better.

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