Mike And Mike And Kiper Say " Bush Is Setting The NFL On Fire"

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SCPatBoy, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. SCPatBoy

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    I mean I have got to think that as of right now Bush and Vick are the 2 most overrated players in the NFL (Maybe Big Ben also). IS Bush contributing sure.........Setting the NFL on Fire though is defenitely a stretch............
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  2. Alk

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    Wow, I don't even know what to say anymore. I guess by those standards, Maroney has blown the NFL off of the face of the earth. Hype sucks!!
  3. Brownfan80

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    It's natural for people to look at the #2 player differently. They are waiting with baited breath to either proclaim him a star or proclaim him a bust. Maroney flies more under the radar because of his draft status at 21. He's got to have a truly great game like the Bengals game to truly get noticed.

    By the end of the season the stats will have played themselves out and we fans and the bobbleheads alike will both know which rookie has truly set the league afire. I'm hoping it's Maroney, but Bush is playing well too. With him being the #2 media guy Maroney will really have to far outperform Bush consistently to get noticed.

    Personally I could care less what the bobbleheads think of Maroney, as long as he keeps helping us win games that's all that matters to me.
  4. Gopats!!!

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    The Patriots way is to have everyone contribute according to the game plan and win games

    That often means are guys don't have the best individual stats, just REALLY big rings!!!
  5. Franchise12

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    The Nfl Is trying to hard to make him seem like an all world player. a few deys ago on tv there was a segment about rookie backs. there was a graphic showing all the current rookie RB RUSHING numbers, except Bush who they had at #1 because they decided to add his TOTAL yards. Jerious norwood and maroney are better rookie backs than bush.
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  6. Fencer

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    If you project Bush's current season out, how does it compare to Troy Brown's best year?
  7. captain stone

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    Yes, it does.

    Unless they are interviewing a reporter, I find M & M unlistenable. That little gweep Greenberg's man-love for NYC nauseates me.

    Be that as it may, Houston really should have drafted Bush.
  8. Alk

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    I just recently started listening to those guys and I don't know how Golic doesn't reach over and *****slap that guy.
  9. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    So are you telling me that they added ALL of Bush's yards just to compare with the rest of the rookie RB's rushing yards? Wow, that is just sad.
  10. SCPatBoy

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    People can argue, and I'm not saying Bush isn't going to be good, I'm just saying that I have watched him almost every weekend bits and pieces and he just hasn't been a truly impressive RB. He has got his receptions and contributed there and on Special Teams...He is averaging only 3.1 YDS a carry, not exactly and explosive number for a RB. I personally feel like his receptions are high simply because NO desperately wants him to be a part of the offense and sell tickets. The Reggie Bush Hype machine has been in 5th gear since before the draft and Bush himself is still stuck in about 2nd gear.
  11. hughthehand

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    Bush leads the NFL in receptions.

    The entire point of the national media on Bush is that he is a unique type of player. He is lining up in the slot as much as he is lining up in the backfield. We here it time and time again, about how difficult the adjustment is from College to the Pro's for WR's. Well here is a rookie RB, who has jumped right in to the WR position and is being extremely productive.

    He returned a punt for a game winning Touchdown. Thats huge. The Saints, which were a colossal flop the last two years, are playing well.

    Unless you have been watching film on the Saints, how do you know how much Bush is effecting the defensive playcalling and personnel?? You dont think that Marques Colston is seeing a ton of one vs one coverage because of how much attention Defenses are paying Bush over the middle?

    Reggie Bush is a weapon. There are so many people on this board trying to knock this guy down, its friggin ridiculous.

    BB preaches Versatility more than any coach in the league. His players preach it. Versatility is the Patriots mantra. You would think, as patsfans, that the people on this board would recognize Reggie Bush for what he is, the most versatile RB to ever come out of college.

    Wake the f*ck up, get your heads out of your asses. This guy is an enormous talent. He's 5 weeks into his professional career, and he is already doing something no other player has ever done. Succesfully playing both WR and RB. Even Marshall Faulk, consider by most to be the biggest threat coming out of the backfield ever, is impressed by him.

    National media hype is always going to be overblown, get OVER IT! Feel blessed that this guy got all the attention, and a guy like Maroney dropped to #21! This constant barrage against Bush just makes this board look like it has zero Football IQ. We already have NEM for that, we dont need anymore than him.
  12. Alk

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    Okay, so he's doing good at WR. Why in god's name are they comparing him to the rest of the rookie RBs then? I guess we should start comparing Haloti Ngata to defensive backs because he is leading the rookies in INTs.
  13. MoLewisrocks

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    I saw a graphic on NFLN the other night and while he is leading in number of receptions I believe our buddy Welker is leading in quality #'s in that department (total yards, YPC) as well as return yardage I believe. So Bush isn't really the best RB or receiver or returner but they are pushing his versatility to keep him in the ROY hunt over the likes of Koolaid me thinks.
  14. QuiGon

    QuiGon Banned

    Yeah that is definitely a huge stretch. He is a rookie and he is having a respectable rookie year... but I have a strong feeling he will tail off as the year reaches December... rookies are used to 11-12 games, not 16.
  15. patsox23

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    The voice of reason. Thank you. Maroney's awesome, we're thrilled to have him, but Reggie Bush can be good at the same time. They're different type players, each with his own way of producing. Relax, people. Just be glad we have Maroney.
  16. mtbykr

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    Come on, we all knew this was coming. The national bobbleheads have been waiting for weeks to do something---now bush gets a punt return for a td (that wins a game) and they are finally let loose. Let the hype machine run it's course. I heard that a lot of NFL coaches and scouts actually prefered maroney to bush before the draft....they are both good backs, but we have maroney and aren't paying him #2 draft money!
  17. QuiGon

    QuiGon Banned

    And he isn't even in the top-30 in receiving yards. That tells me he has a pathetic yards-per-catch.

    You need to calm down, son. The worst anyone is saying about him here is that he isn't "lighting the NFL on fire." If that's knocking him down, then tough sh*t. Deal with it becuase it's the truth.

    Well let's see where he is 10 weeks from now.
  18. PatsSox363804

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    Bush is a rookie, yes he's averaging 3.1 a carry on all of 54 carries. To compare:

    Alexander is averaging 2.9 (65 carries)

    LT is averaging 3.8 (89 carries)

    Edge 3.1 (112 carries)

    Larry Johnson 3.7 (90 carries)

    Yes Maroney has been the better RB thus far but Bush brings a ton to the Saints offense. Defenses literally key on Bush to try and take him out of the play, when they fake to Bush half the defense follows, note the TD against the Falcons on the double reverse. When he lines out at WR he creates room for Colston and Deuce when he isn't catching the ball and he leads the NFL in receptions. I don't get why this bothers some of you, does it really matter if Maroney gets all the priase? Shouldn't we just be happy that Maroney is averging 4.2 yards a carry and will be in our backfield for the foreseeable future? Bush was not billed as a normal running back, and he hasn't been, so what's the problem here? He's on pace to finish with over 1300 yards receiving/rushing, who wouldn't take that from a rookie?
  19. stcjones

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    You know...it is interesting. 2 weeks ago, Bush was "not living up to expectations"...."Hitting the hole too quickly"........and overall so far, a disappointment. Then, he gets the 65 yrd punt return and all of a sudden..."He is everything we thought he would be in the NFL"....."This is why the guy won the Heisman award"......"This guy is setting the NFL on fire"........etc etc etc....I don't get it.....The media just cracks me up....

    He is a tremendous talent....He IS going to be a great NFL player....he has made some great contributions already.....But to say he has lit the NFL on fire is a bit much...one mans opinion
  20. Alk

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    Nobody is saying that he's not good but he is way overhyped. How does it make sense to compare him to the rest of the rookie RBs but use his receiving stats as the only base for comparison?

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