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  1. SamBam39

    SamBam39 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Does anyone else find it more than just a coincidence that the normally obnoxious, loud, and never-shutting-up Bill Polian has not said a peep through all this? Not one interview on tv? Not one link to quotes attributed to him? Call me paranoid, but I have a feeling he's been a background force somehow associated with all of this and that's why he's laying low. I don't believe for one second he'd be quiet through this if he wasn't. You know damn well he'd be leading the cries. But nothing. I know a snake is at work.

    One other thought, wonder what Deion Branch thinks of the punishment?
    After all that battling for months, the pats have to return the compensation they got for him from the seahawks (in an indirect way) I mean, we have an extra pick that traces back to him, right? He's probably thinking it's justice or karma and feeling amused. But screw him too, he had zero yards in his opening game and has become not that big of a contributer to the hawks, at least certainly not a first round picks worth of contribution, and I guarentee the hawks regret making that deal already. Just goes to show BB was right that he wasn't worth what he was trying to demand.

    boy, these things seem big at the time, but quickly fade and are comical in retrospect a short time later.
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  2. JJDChE

    JJDChE 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I'm pretty sure I read it reported somewhere that the Colts were one of the other teams that were taping other teams. Schefter said it, maybe. I can't remember, actually I think it might have been Peter King. That's why I think Polian's staying quiet.
  3. BadMoFo

    BadMoFo Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Actually Mort was saying something of how if anyone thinks any other team is video taping signals, they are wrong. Just ask Tony Dungy.
  4. Seymour93

    Seymour93 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    I'll be the first one to tell you that Branch did not deserve what he was asking for and the antics of his agent were a disgrace, however to suggest that Branch is getting some sort of pleasure out of all this is over the top. Branch was a popular guy in the lockerroom, so I'm sure we're his second favorite team.
  5. Seymour93

    Seymour93 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract


    PATSgotRINGS Rookie

    Every team around the NFL has been quiet about the issue. I don't think it is just a qa-winki-dink :rolleyes:

    We are the only team who takes the fall, even though it probably has occured whith every team in the NFL at some point.
  7. SamBam39

    SamBam39 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    over the top? your funny.
    I know he's feeling a little satisfaction. he was bitter over the battle of his worth, and when the pats got a first rounder for him, they were satisfied.
    now they lose it, it feels like justice. not saying he doesn't still have fondness for the organization, his time here, and many of the players. but there's a little side of him that is glad they didn't get to use that pick.
  8. SamBam39

    SamBam39 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    so why aren't they being called out for it?
    called cheaters?
    maybe manning isn't good afterall? blah blah blah?

    we know, manning is a media darling, that's why.
    and 'technically' they haven't been exposed. but it's hypocritical to let one team take all the blame if you know other teams are also guilty of it.
    according to these media nitwits - all of the colts accomplishments need to be brought into question too. yeah right. face it, this is happening because so many people hate bb.
  9. SamBam39

    SamBam39 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    right, and the media slams our whole run of success,
    says we have an 'advantage',
    and everyone else is NOT doing it,
    while taking away a first round pick,
    and these other teams 'stay quiet'

    there's more that will come out about what's really going on here.
    it smells funny to me.
  10. PatsWorldChamps

    PatsWorldChamps Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    polian is laughing his @ss off right now.
  11. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    LOL! Clayton said he knows for sure there's at least one other team in the NFL video taping,. and some other reports have said simular things (Schefter said his sources claim ten other teams do this). I don't know about the colts using video cameras but i know they're considered one of the best teams in the league when it comes to stealing defensive signals and they have been for awhile now. I talked about a quote from a Philly article (writer was Les Bowen) talking about the Eagles being somewhat annoyed with the colts, their ability to steal signals, and it coasing them to use other proceedures they don't usually need to use when playing other teams. Another article I either posted on here or in ESPN said they were notorious for their ability to steal defensive signals. I post all this so people will know, but there is one major difference....none of us actually have proof the Colts use any illegal methods when they steal defensive signals, and while they're very good at it they could still very well be just good at it legally.

    Frankly I don't really care. The Pats got their punishment and I'm about ready to move on..... I will say if any other teams get cought I pitty the punishment they receive.
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  12. Patriot_in_NY

    Patriot_in_NY Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    That might be true.............. but, lets face it, he was never worth the #1 we got for him either.

    GOD giveth, GODdell takith away :rolleyes:
  13. PATSgotRINGS

    PATSgotRINGS Rookie

    I couldn't have written that any better.

    I guarantee you that it is all water under the bridge for Branch. He won a Super Bowl with these guys and I find it hard to believe that he would be getting some sort of pleasure out of all this nonsense.
  14. khayos

    khayos In the Starting Line-Up

    If I'm Belichick and I know the Colts are doing it, I devise a way to expose it and wait for the worst possible time.
  15. PATSgotRINGS

    PATSgotRINGS Rookie

    I have a feeling more and more stories will pop up in the coming weeks about other teams and the issue of cheating...it aint over yet, I can tell you that.
  16. nowayback

    nowayback Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    polian is on the rules com..what do you want him to say? he was busy digging the pats grave.
  17. workhorse

    workhorse Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    If he says something you would say he should shut the hell up. He's quiet so he's behind it?

    The Colts have been mentioned as sign stealers, but never video tapers.
  18. SamBam39

    SamBam39 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I've seen him smerk when asked about BB.
    I know he is.
    people don't forget when they feel they've been wronged.
  19. SamBam39

    SamBam39 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    we have bingo.
  20. SamBam39

    SamBam39 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    my point exactly.
    quietly behind the scenes.

    snakes don't make noise.
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