Might we see a Cory Dillon jealousy erupt this year?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. PATRIOT64

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    I am a bit worried about the possibility that this team goes mostly with Maroney this year and causes some friction on the team with an unhappy Cory..Especially if he plays the first game and has the kind of game that another #39 had tonight (Willie Parker)..What the problem is will Cory Dillon show his bad side again?..Remember he was far ahead of all backs the past 2 years and yes he had nothing to worry or complain about because he was THE MAN! HOWEVER if Maroney turns out to be a Rudi Johnson type back right out of the game will Cory explode because his carries will drop drastically? I know they got along well so far but Cory and Rudy did too until Rudy took over the reigns in Cincy and Cory became second best....I hope we don't have a mad Cory this year and to avoid that at least play both of them equally in games all season long,even though I don't expect much from Cory in numbers..I think Maroney will get 900 yards - I don't see them alternating in games at least as the season progresses,I see Maroney as Lead back early into this season with Faulk as a primary 3rd down back and Cory coming in goaline at times..I hope all is peaceful in the locker room this year....
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    As long as we win, everything will be peachy.
  3. MoLewisrocks

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    Even his wannabe detractors in the local media say Corey will be fine as a role player ala Bus if that is what the situation dictates. He's got his money and his ring and he just wants to help the team win another ring at this point in his career.

    The running game will be the least of our worries this season.
  4. Digger44

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    you are flawed in your thinking. why is it you assume that Dillon was not content in Cinci because his job was challenged? that wasn't it at all. at the time, the bungles were not an organization committed to winning. cory got sick of that mentality and became upset. cory will not respond well here in ne, and it will push him harder and further. if he is healthy he is our #1 rb and can break 1200 yards. if he does this it will let lomo push for 6-800 yards and we will be a running team.
  5. RayClay

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    This subject's been beat to death.

    Why not just search for Corey and jealous so we don't have to start over?

    Seriously though, Dillon and Maroney get along great and I think Corey is happy to have a young eager player so he doesn't end up playing half a season on an ankle that should be in a cast like last year.
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  6. TruthSeeker

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    I still see Dillon as the #1 back. I think he gets about 225-250 carries and 1000 yards, and the kid gets 125-150 carries for about 600 yards. If that happens, I think we will be a big time favorite to get to at least the AFC Championship game. If neither back is effective, and Brady throws for 4000+ yards, we probably will not be ready to reclaim the Lombardi Trophy. So far, Dillon hasn't shown any of his so called cancer type person Cincy claimed he was. He has done nothing but help and encourage Maroney. I think Dillon loved winning the Lombardi Trophy, and will do whatever it takes to win another. He is no T.O.
  7. Kdo5

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    He realizes Maroney is eventually going to take him over in carry amounts but the Pats have loads of respect for Dillon. I have loads of respect for the guy. Dillon isnt going to be a huge rusher anymore but he'll still rack up mucho TDs. At any rate maybe Corey had a right to be upset in Cinci. Afterall they were losing constantly...and he knew very well he was a great RB and he wasnt used nearly as much anymore. Rudi is a good ball carrier but Cinci didnt realize they traded a 1600 yard rusher away for a mere second round pick.
  8. PatsWorldChamps

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    exactly.. i'd have been p1ssed in that h3llhole of a franchise... it's all about the rings
  9. PATRIOT64

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    While we are on this subject I want to know if you think if we had gotten Rudi Johnson as the trade back then and Corey stayed as the feature back on Cincy,Would we have won those super bowls and would Cincy now be considered an elite team today?
  10. Kdo5

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    My thoughts, no we would not have won the SB. Think of Dillons season, he was truly the key to the success and he and Brady complimented each other well and it was a great mix of run and pass. I wont ever forget the memorable performances by him like the Divisional Playoff game vs the Colts.
  11. Keegs

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    isn't this exactly what Corey Dillon said WON'T happen???
  12. fgssand

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    There is no way CD will be jealous at all of Maroney. I think he welcomes the opportunity to mentor him. I saw a lot of that this summer at the practices I attended. Ivan Fears, CD and the kid were constantly talking, joking and teaching. Kevin Faulk has also been a great mentor to LoMo.

    The ONLY way CD will be pissed is if he gets injured again. All signs point to a huge year from our three top backs.
  13. patsox23

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    My sense from Corey is that he has mellowed about p-time somewhat, but is still extremely competitive. He has taken well, so far, to his role as elder stateman, showing the Kid the way. Their relationship has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the entire off-season, and I think it shows how winning, and being PART of this winning culture, has encouraged a more mature Corey to come to light.

    He's won his ring, he just wants to win another, he likes being part of a winning program. I also think he kind of likes the novelty of cultivating a good, albeit still occasionally crusty, reputation.
  14. RayClay

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    BB just wants weapons. He'll be using these guys in all sorts of ways out of all sorts of formations.

    Don't forget, Dillon is great in pass protection and I think both will be used as receivers quite a bit.
  15. Joker

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    Digger obviously is a n older man...Dillon has told the press here to **** off..that's what you see...Dillon LOVES being with strong African rich superstars who only insist on one thing,,,,team first...Corey Dillon has his ring...if he was this jerk every onbe wants to portray him as , he'd already be gone...Corey got punked off in Cincy..the dude ran for 278 HARD yards in an NFL game once...well..he's gota ring at last, so why isn't he this scumbag he's always been written up as?

    Number one...he makes five times what Harrison makes..easily...but it's Harrison that has made NE his home...his ring...his PLACE...Corey RAN LAST YEAR WITH A CRIPPLED LEFT LEG. So c screw Felger and Borges and Big Sey???? why, we weren't scared??? Yeah, holdout ends quick, contract that fits....yeah daddy,,and you guys obsess about Branch??? If Rodney or Dillon had to step up and make the move that Deion needs to be here as an equal..they would have

    Let me make this as clear as I can...there are All Pros and Super Bowl ring owners and Troy Browns who defy the NFL star logic, but let me make an educted gues..Ben Watson is not a TE blocker who can run middle routes and gain valuable yardage for the team...yeah, well team IS eveything to insure success...but Ben Watson doesn't go up against those two defendersa nd mke a tremendous play in the Super Bowl..Ben Watson makes the cath that who ******* cares who's there.

    I'm bragging as an old time OPats fan does...but tuck rule...we cHEATED? Watson ran down an all pro cornr and we all know that was a touchbck BUT....big story,,,Denever DB picks Brady, seals victory...huh? Watson ran him down, nopt any of our small speed guys..just like Madden said,Ben Watson is of a kind.

    Hey, I love Deion ,. he's proven his big time sklls...Watson lines up as a slot reciever and doesn't ouit heart or out desie double defenders...he blows them up and see ya...that is Branch's major problem..because this other kid maroney was the absolute STEAL of this past draft

    Watch that swing to Faulk says the cracker football lifer coaching Tenn or Atlanta...uh...no...that's Maroney...yeah watch that faulk but you ******* morons ain't dealing withj Kev.,.it';s...well you've seen him....please ..health...Maroney is a superstar...I'm telling ya...we stay heal
    thy on D, we got a great shot again
  16. 14thDragon

    14thDragon Third String But Playing on Special Teams


    Anyway, on the original topic.

    I doubt Corey is going to get angry or a malcontent if Maroney is getting a bulk of the carries, which I do not see happening. Corey understands what his role with the team is and what Maroney's role is. Bill called him ahead of time to prep him before the draft pick went to the podium. Corey is a guy that knows that is a sign of respect from the coach and will be ready for the new role as part of the platoon of running backs. Corey earned BB respect and I do not doubt that BB has Corey's support.
  17. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    Cory Dillon will not erupt this year. He is however human and if the team does well without him, he will be disappointed and may want to play elsewhere, only for the sake of player, he is a competitor, obviously. I see no jealously there and i don't see him being a distration. He will be a role player.

    He will be fine...we will be fine...
  18. PATSNUTme

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    As if we don't have enough real controversy going on right now we have to start imaginary controversy.

  19. marty

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    In the years that Corey has played for the Pats, all I've ever seen from the players and organization both, is total respect and admiration of Corey's contribution to this team. All preseason reports and observations is that the backfield relationships are solid and excited about their potential. I'm good with that.
  20. FilPats

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    I dont think so, Corey already got his 10,000 yards. He wants another Lombardi and LoMo can help him get it.

    Quote:“I’ve done everything (individually),†Dillon said. “I’ve done it all. My thing is winning and the ultimate goal - Super Bowls. I’m not concerned about myself.â€

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