Mickens in, Chad Scott Out

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by skri65, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. skri65

    skri65 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Anyone notice that Mickens took the #3 WR and Chad Scott the #4. Do you think this is temporary? Do you agree?

    Not complaining, Mickens looked good out there.
  2. PATRIOT64

    PATRIOT64 In the Starting Line-Up

    Ray Mickens as Wide Receiver,and Chad Scott as Backup WR? - We have not lost all our receivers today,Did We?;)
  3. shmessy

    shmessy Maude Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Chad Scott has been battling an injury and was listed on the team's injury report last week. He's not 100% and Mickens has been in street clothes all year until now, so he is 100%. I don't read anything into it more than that. Chad Scott has been excellent this year.

    In addition, isn't Mickens usually a nickel-slot CB? Well the #3 WR is usually the slot WR (i.e. Troy Brown), so it does make sense on that level too.
  4. Bertil

    Bertil Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Phil Simms described Mickens as one of the best cover corners for slot receivers that he's ever seen. I was kind of miffed at why he was on the street so recently if that was indeed the case. But hey, what do i know?
  5. Flying Fungi

    Flying Fungi In the Starting Line-Up

    Mickens was on coverage. Mo Lewis saw this and knew that he was free to go after the QB. When he saw that Drew Bledsoe was going to stay in bounds, he hit him and heard a loud 'pop'.

    Molewisrocks...but so too does Raymickens rock...
  6. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    Could you word the title differently next time, please?

    Having valuable players "out" this time of year is scary.

    By the way, Mickens is a fine nickel back who's 5'8" 180lbs.

    Chad Scott is 6'1" 205 and can play safety as well as corner.

    With Rodney out and Troy on offense, we need them both badly and their relative playing time has nothing to do with each other.

    They simply are opposites as far as our DB line up goes.
  7. PatsWickedPissah

    PatsWickedPissah PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    With BB it's ALL about matchups. Chad Scott for some, Mickens for others (injury status aside)
  8. shmessy

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    Amen to all that Ray just posted.

    I think both players (who are very different) are really under the radar, but crucial to the Pats in these playoffs.

    I was concerned re: Chad Scott's leg injury but he seemed to be moving around well yesterday.
  9. skri65

    skri65 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    My Bad...posting at 3 in the morning causes some brain lapses. I'm sure you can imagine. :D Thanks for your input.
  10. jczxohn1

    jczxohn1 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Mickens played a critical part in Samuel's interception. Hasn't been mentioned here but BB mentioned it when asked about Samuel's 11th.
  11. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    No problem, man. Just certain buzzwords you don't want to read.

    There are some annoying posters who write misleading titles on purpose to get attention and I'm sure you find them annoying too.

    I kind of wish we had 1 more CB/safety type right now with Rodney and Wilson out.

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