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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Aug 21, 2006.

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    Good read.
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    Yup. Smith, unlike a lot of the other national writers, does his homework, at least where the Patriots are concerned.
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    Nailed it right in the head. Good article by Smitty.
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    Let's not forget about receivers who have come through Foxboro and not produced:

    Andre Davis
    Tim Dwight
    Bethel Johnson
    Donald Hayes

    Just off the top of my head...

    Edit: oops, posted that before I read the article and he does address the "scrubs"
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    The only one on that list that didn't produce was Donald Hayes.
    All the others made at least a fair amount of contribution.
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    I really like Michael Smith and this article..but...does this paragraph make sense??

    "Word is Branch wants a deal that averages $8 million to $9 million per season and includes $12 million in bonuses. There's also been talk that he wants a contract similar to the six-year, $39 million deal (including a $13.5 million bonus) the Colts' Reggie Wayne received this year just before he was to become a free agent. "

    Isn't the "word" deal substantailly higher in value than the "RW" deal???
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    I think he's either addressing two different rumors or that Branch either wants an avg of 8 or 9 mill per season for a short deal or if he's locked up for 6 years than he wants a deal similar to reggie wayne.
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    Great article, but is Deion Branch listening?
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    Little noticed are these amazing stats ....

    - Both QB's combined to throw to 16 different receivers.

    - Both QB'S threw at or near 75% completion rate

    This offense is going to rock this year.

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    Kinda validates Sterling Sharpe's comments Saturday Nite, which he repeated about 50 times; "Tom Brady's favorite receiver is the open receiver."
  13. JR4

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    .... i was wondering if that phrase should be modified slightly to

    "Tom Brady's favorite receiver is the receiver that's open when he's suppose to be."

    It's no good if the the 3rd read is open when Tom is making his second read
    for example but is covered when Tom reads him.

    I should like to see their play book and hear them discuss the
    timing of Tom's reads. Are the plays drawn up so that receivers are
    anticipated to be open in sequence?
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    That was a great article. Brady does make WRs better than they would be with another team.
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    Now that's an absolutely interesting notion. Seems like it's worth a bump. It is so difficult to really arm chair evaluate what's happening in the secondary because of TV shot preference. Intersting that we've never heard ANY pundit discuss this - including the ex-WR types.
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    There's plenty of room for compromise in the Branch situation. Someone has to blink first.
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    There's plenty of room...but there is no compromisde bt Deion..ball is in his court and the 24 second clock is counting down quick....
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    Great read, i always enjoy Michael Smith

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