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Miami road trip update

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Crowpointer, Dec 12, 2006.

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    Jul 18, 2006
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    Got back last night from Miami (Jet Blue is the way to go for those going next year) . Plane was loaded with Pats fans as expected. Got to the parking lot Sunday around 8:30 . Had a parking pass that I had picked up on Ebay for the season ticket lot. They let you pretty much go wherever you want once you are in the lot (especially if you get there early) You park on the grass with a marked paved spot behind you to set up your tailgate. We had 3 cars/trucks together with tents and others walked over to our spot later. The tailgating is awesome with the only drawback being there is only 1/100 of the porta potties that Gillette has (without the woods option) I saw a Dolphins fan who brought a boat porta a john next to his car. ( a first) I have been to Games here before and the Pats representation was as solid ever. We were everywhere. The Dolphins fans were nice before the game , (didn't talk any trash) Not so nice as expected after and during the game. I saw more fights in the stands than I have at a game in years (brought back memories of Foxboro stadium days when everybody would stand up to see the fight) The taunting contiuned after the game as they acted like they won the Super Bowl. Still a great trip for those thinking about going next year.
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    Great. Fights at the game. Last time I went to a game there a drunk 20 something walked back 5 rows and attacked a buddy of mine. Big mistake on his part as my buddy was an ex-hockey player who enjoyed fisticuffs. I got in the middle to break it up and got my Pats 200 Training Camp T shirt a bloody mess. Ruined. Meanwhile my buddy was unscated and his assailant an unrecognizable bloody mess. Both were thrown out. On the way out with the cops the drunk attacked my buddy again. The drunk went to jail for the night.

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