Miami-Carolina...thought I would puke...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by bostonbuzz, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. bostonbuzz

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    No, not because the game was all that bad or anything, but because of all the Miami cheerleading! Could the announcers heap any more praise on Miami and Saban? Is it POSSIBLE? My GOD, you'd think Saban was the one with the Super Bowl Ring collection, Culpepper was a SuperBowl and league MVP and the Dolphin's have been the team kicking ass and taking names the past few years. Sure they managed to win six in a row to end last season, we all know the story, but COME ON! GEEZ! SHAAAA-DUP ALREADY! They have a lot to prove to me before I start giving them the credit these guys were giving them last night. Saban may be the second coming of BB but for now can we take the "wait and see attitude" before we jump on the bandwagon and make the official anointment? Why do these announcers get so friggin' giddy over this team? top it all off...Scouts or whomever they call themselves have the 'nads' at this point in time to put Saban and Belichick on the same level? That's simple insanity I say...

    I know it's pre-season and we're all excited real football is right around the corner but...


    Some cheese???....
  3. 363839

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    I noticed this, too.
    Frickin annoying.
  4. desi-patsfan

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    You came all the over here for that great comment. You know PATS fans do have the right to say what they want on a PATS board.
  5. 363839

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    You don't need to be on this forum.
  6. TNPatsFan

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    I didn't see the entire game, just the first quarter and some of the third and fourth. But the thing I noticed most was there was a penalty flag thrown on every single play! No, I'm sure of it. I don't remember one play without a penalty. It was excrutiating to watch.




    Lighten up already guys. You know how many years we've been listening to these so-called TV experts licking the Pats **** every week during the regular season, and making them out to be some kind of "new age dynasty"??....

    Trust me, it gets old from our side of the feild too. Talk about wanting to puke???...That entire "Bruschi's Return" was enough for a lifetime of nausea...:eek:
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  8. 14thDragon

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    Take a deep breath... hold it... now let it out.

    Ok, why are they gushing over Miami? Easy, because Peyton now has choked against another team in his own Stadium. So home feild through-out is now off. To say that this is going to be the Colts year, makes no sense, so they need someone else to build up. Since they have completely run out of excuses for Peyton they need a new contender to vye with the Patriots.

    Since Miami got on a hot streak, and beat us in Gillette, they are naturally the favorites for the media to give a convient bj too. Rember, most of these announcers came up on non-dynasty football teams, or covering non-dynasty football teams, so there is some seriously jealousy. So they look for someone to tear down the object of thier envy.

    Wait until November and December, thier tune will change by then as they do not want to look like baffoons as the Patriots run away with division, yet again.
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  9. D-cleater

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    See, here's the thing. The Pats * ARE* the new age dynasty. We've won three out of the last five and the team is getting stronger... not weaker, like everyone would make it out to be. We made it two games from the big show last year with no running game, tons of injuries, and brand new coordinators. There are still four years in the decade for us to cement our place in history as the "Team of the Millenium" . Get used to it, and satisfy yourself with the knowledge that the biggest impact Saban is going to have is making the dolphin logo have a slight grimace. oooooo , scary!!!!!!
  10. Welker83

    Welker83 On the Game Day Roster

    Basically anyone with some small amount of IQ realizes that the Fins are on the rise. And thats about it.
  11. the taildragger

    the taildragger Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    you're right about the jealousy, but I've noticed the worse tend to be those who WERE affiliated with or were fans of prior dynasties...because they stand the most to lose with continued Pats domination...

    wasn't Moose Johnston the color guy last night?...he's hoping to ride the 90s Cowboys ticket to Canton so he certainly isn't rooting for the Pats to stick a bunch of their guys in there...same with that douche Irvin.
  12. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    The only thing that seemed to be on the rise last night was Saban's increasingly predictable petulance. Nick's ultimate downfall in Miami will be his ego's inability to stay the course on a team that required a complete physical and cultural overhaul because he cannot tolerate losing. So he begins accumulating paste and patch talent with questionable character or leadership ability which will ultimately mire him in middle of the pack seasons underscored by maddening flashes of inconsistency. He is very different from his mentor, more volitile and his intensity grinds on those around him. Don't expect to see any continuity in coordinators, because Nick has saddled them with players who will have to be coddled and catered to just to keep them functional. When it doesn't pan out in a better season than last, they will be ones facing his ire, not his players lest they turn on him, and they will flee that working atmosphere ASAP as did their year 1 predecessors.
  13. TNPatsFan

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    Not only that, he makes his players cry. That's just mean.
  14. shmessy

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    #75 Jersey

    Ummmmm...d'ya think it might have something to do with the 3 SB Championships in the past 5 years?????

    What was YOUR team's big accomplishment? 9-7? (Shmessy condescendingly pats Blitzkrieg on his head and coos "That's something to be proud of also, deary. The Patriots may have those shiny rings, but the Dolphins SHOULD get an award for really trying hard")


    :confused: :confused:

    That's the most ignorant / completely pointless responses I've read yet. You obviously have very little knowledge when it comes to N. Saban. Utterly laughable best describes your response in my opinion....
  16. QuiGon

    QuiGon Banned

    Key difference: Bruschi was a 3 time Super Bowl Champion. In Miami, they're going crazy because they finished 9-7 :rofl:
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  17. shmessy

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    #75 Jersey

    Anyone getting the feeling that Blitzkrieg is just embarrassing him/herself today????? This is too funny.

    Hey kid, this ain't the brain dead slacker board.

    You're going to have to concentrate and develop an "A" game if you're going to run with the thoroughbreds.
  18. CrazyDave

    CrazyDave In the Starting Line-Up

    Miami Sucks.
    So there, how do ya like that?


    We weren't talking about the Patriots Super Bowl wins in particular. The topic at hand, the one we were discussing, was in regards to a certain team getting hyped to the point of puking.....

    Well, the hype the Pats have been recieveing over the last several years{Super Bowl's or not}, has been nauseaing. That's just my opinion, I'm not speaking for anyone other than myself.....

    Yawn........zzz. My 5 year old nefew has more wit than you do.:(
  20. dante828

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    Miami is a team on the rise, it would be stupid to deny this. Are they in the Pats class yet, no. Will they be in a few years, maybe. We'll see. Until then, announcers should be more tempered in their praise, but then again, this assumes that announcers have intelligence, which they have consistently shown they don't have.

    Before I get too excited about Miami, I always remember one thing. Yes, Miami one six games in a row to end the season, yes they beat the Pats at home. But they beat a Pats team that didn't really want to win the first place, and did everything in their power to lose (Cassel playing most of the game, Flutie's drop kick etc.). And the Pats still almost won! If the Pats had any motivation to win at all that day, they would have, and quite easily I might add. Miami was still a long way away from being in the Pats league last year, and are still far away this year. They have potential, and they may scare me down the road, but for now, I worry as much about Miami as any other team in the AFC East, which is not at all.

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