Met one of Obama's "added to job force" guy's

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PatsWSB47, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Ah, Saturday morning 9:00 AM. After a hectic week at work, so quiet and peaceful, then "knock. Knock, knock" The dogs started barking waking up my wife and daughter.

    I go to the door and met a new to the work force, census employee who told me that he was here to get my census info because I failed to send it in. I told him I did do it and even made a special trip to the post office to mail it in by the deadline, He said he'd been "getting a lot of that". I mumbled something about the efficient government and he blamed it on.....the US postal service. He then proceeded to ask the questions on the census. It actually became quite humorous as he looked me straight in the eye and asked me if I was Hispanic and what language I preferred to speak. I'm quite European looking with blond hair and we had already had spoken for 5 minutes or so. He asked me my age and birthday then asked my wife's. I only gave him her birthday to see if he could figure it....he was 3 years off, lol.

    I’m not trying to whine about my Saturday really, I’m just pointing out another example of waste. I’m happy he’s working, really I am. I just thought this story illustrates yet another inefficient and wasteful project so typical of the Government…….and of course this tax payer funded, with his incorrect marching orders worker is lauded as proof of a recovering economy.
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    I would've gone with:
    "I'm half Eskimo, half Nigerian, and half Guatamalen... so ya, I guess I'm Hispanic and I usually prefer to speak in either Russian or Farsi but it's Saturday and as we all know Mormon-Jews have to speak English today!"
    Just to see how many boxes you could get him to tick.

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