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    Not familiar with this scribe, Christopher Gasper, seems he was looking for problems or maybe it is more objective than most.. gives some very good insight into our #1 pick, reminds me somewhat of Lawyer Milloy with regard to a hard bringing up.

    CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- When Brandon Meriweather, his index finger pointed skyward, delivered the good news to Mary Bridges on draft day, her first notion was that New England was the perfect team to rehabilitate her adopted son's sullied reputation.

    "That was my first thought -- if he got Bill Belichick to believe he's not a thug, then the rest of the country is going to have to believe him," said Bridges, sitting at the kitchen table of the Apopka home she shares with her husband, Tim, and their two biological children. "The Patriots do have a reputation for not taking those type of guys."

    The dreadlocked University of Miami defensive back, who was selected by the Patriots with the 24th pick in the first round of last month's draft, was branded a character concern after his senior season was marred by a preseason gun incident and an on-field melee in a game against Florida International during which he stomped on opposing players.

    Those who know Meriweather admitted he has made some bad decisions, but were adamant he is not a bad seed. They pointed out that those rushing to judge Meriweather don't know him. They don't even know his name -- William Brandon Meriweather.

    "Brandon is not a rough kid," said Miami coach Randy Shannon, who was the defensive coordinator under Larry Coker during Meriweather's stint with the Hurricanes. "Don't let that hairdo fool you. That's just a front. He's just a soft-spoken kid that loves to play football and takes a lot of things to heart. He doesn't like to be perceived as one way because it really hurts him, because he knows he's not that way. If you say, 'Brandon, you're not a good person. You have bad character,' Brandon is going to prove you wrong."
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    Isn't he fixin to have a "coming out" party this week?

    If I was his PR folks, I'd be having something nice about him conviently come out also....

    If BB says he's okay, he's okay... I'm not worried about him and think he will be a terrific player for us...
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    Good article. Also the first I've heard about the other incidents that took place during the FIU game, no excuses but at least it wasn't him just snapping without earlier provocations.
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    That brawl was such a non-normal, freakish event. If I witnessed a HUGE fight involving a hundred people and my friends were getting hurt or thrown to the ground, I would probably jump in there too. I don't know about the stomping, but I believe rules kind of get thrown out the window in such a chaotic situation. To me, it actually shows that Meriweather is a good teammate. To me, it would have been worse if Meriweather sat on the bench to protect his image.
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    I believe I heard he has his first media day today.
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    Not condoning anything, but these kids have known each other for a long time. They played each other in pee-wee, Jr high and high school. Bad blood and bad tempers. One spark and that flame is going to ignite. Awful thing to have happen, but I won't pretend I don't understand it.

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