Memo To ALL Columnists: The Spin Must Stop

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NoCal Patriot, May 17, 2008.

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    Enough is enough,Your attempt to justify John Tomase's Article by saying if He changed the word Taped to Monitored is just nonsense.Even the word "Monitored " denotes a sense of "Assignment" which even Matt Walsh says never existed.Matt Walsh at Super Bowl XXXVI was the 3rd Video Assistant.He carried cables and equiptment ,plugged equiptment into sockets ,etc.In His free moments He looked around with his hands in his pockets and couldn't tell whether The Rams were in Punt Coverage or Kickoff Coverage.This Guy was hardly James Bond or Vince Lombardi.
    Stop trying to Dance on the head of a pin.If I see one more story start with the words "John Tomase is a Good Reporter or John Tomase is a Good Guy",I'm going to ask everyone on this board to Take a dump on You column and mail it back to You.
    Tomase NEVER said Monitored ,He said TAPED ! Even You knucleheads should know the difference.Words mean things,I would think columnist should know this.By his own words John Tomase's article was thinly sourced.He ran with it and was wrong.I think that this column was part of an agenda by the Herald.That Agenda is Anti Belichick and it was stated on the WEEI by Tony Massarotti.
    All of The Herald Guys should be ashamed of themselves.Felger,Massarotti,Lenny Megs, and Calahan have lost all credibility with Me.Their Defense has been laughable.Tom E. Curran,yesterday embarassed Himself on WEEI.
    I see very few bright lights in this story.Mike Reis has been great , and I gave SM Young a pass last night but there are few others.
    The Boys Club must break down and You should see things for whats's right or wrong rather than Who's right or wrong and stop playing FAVORITES.
    John Tomase and His Editor made a cardinal sin.They were warned by The Patriots not to go with The Story but did anyway.They were wrong and have yet to pay a price,and and before anyone says that The Heald has paid a price.They must answere two questions
    1.If The Herald Apology was so sincere then why didn't anyone put Their name to it?
    2. Explain to Me why in almost 1500 words John Tomase never used 3 words and those three words are ,"I am Sorry".
    It is for those two reasons that I find The herald Apology to be "Tongue in Cheek" and John Tomase's Explanation to be "Hollow and Cynical"
    Character is defined as "Doing the right thing when no one is watching" None of You have been "Profiles in Courage" and have all done a disservice to Your readers.We all see this for what it is.It's time for You Guys to tell the truth.
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