McCain: We're winning in Iraq

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PressCoverage, Feb 1, 2008.

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    boy, some really scintillating threads today... Coulter's ruse, marines "attacked" in some California community, Spygate revisited, and America's alledged "hatred" of liberals as authored by our most divisive, hypocritical Con man... enthralling stuff...

    anyhow, i'm here now... we can get back to discussing real issues that matter... :cool:

    like the crazy old man's belief that we're gonna "win" in Iraq:

    McCain crosses picket line to appear on Leno

    ... and offer his version of the status of Iraq

    We’re not gonna let them get defeated. We’re not gonna have them surrender. And they’re gonna win. And by golly, they are winning, my friends. They are winning. They are winning.

    One question that springs to mind, among so many, is... hypothetically, who would U.S. forces be offering their formal "surrender" to? And, in what rail car?

    Surrender is up there among the most pretentious Con man language imaginable... It wouldn't be surrender at all, and it's not a "war"... It's an illegal occupation of a sovereign nation that never attacked us, and it's a theft and controlling of their natural resources... Pulling out isn't "surrender"... You still haven't reached 15 of 18 benchmarks, there's still no oil law, the people hate eachother, and you disbanded their standing army... Just declare victory, and draw down already...

    The fact that this raving lunatic is that close to having his finger on the button truly makes me wonder if this country has gone insane...

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