Matt Light had dislocated knee cap

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DefenseRules, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. DefenseRules

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  2. Tunescribe

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  3. Patspsycho

    Patspsycho Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    You don't know it. A dislocated kneecap is very painful. That guy is one hell of a tough guy if he played on it before it healed.
  4. Sicilian

    Sicilian Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    But, but, but... turnstyle! sucks! move him to right towel boy! terrible! bum! but, but...!
  5. Tunescribe

    Tunescribe Supporter Supporter

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    I'm sure most NFL players are orthopedic cripples one way or another in their sixties-on. The way Welker gets pounded each game it wouldn't surprise me if he ends life in a wheelchair.
  6. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    For a guy recovering from a dislocated knee cap, he played exceptionally well in the second half of the season. I know everyone like to focus on the strip sack by Terrell Suggs and ignore the fact that Light neutralized Suggs for the rest of the game, but other than a few plays here and there Light played well this year.

    People are crazy who want to see this guy go. The line played best with him at LT and Vollmer at RT.
  7. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    He's on the wrong side of 30 and he's had that kind of injury, he needs to be replaced.
  8. BionicPatriot

    BionicPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    Whos waited til this eyar to say that? I've realized Light is way overrated for quite some time. Tough guy, above average LT
  9. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    Multiple time Pro Bowlers are usually above average players. Light has been an excellent left tackle for some time, and he was the team's best tackle this season, when healthy.
  10. Sicilian

    Sicilian Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Take away the extremists, and I don't think anyone is overrating him. He's a multiple pro bowler who plays a solid LT. I think we would have a harder time replacing him than keeping him, but that doesn't stop people from wanting run someone out on a rail.
  11. The Dynasty

    The Dynasty In the Starting Line-Up

    Even on that play I think Light had rid Suggs far enough up the field that Brady had plenty of room to step up and Brady didnt do that. That sack was on Brady
  12. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    Assuming Stephen Neal retires, move Nick Kaczur to RG where he's much better suited, extend or tender Mankins, and you have an starting OL of Light-Mankins-Koppen-Kaczur-Vollmer, with LeVoir, Ohrnberger, Connolly, Bussey and Wendell for depth. That's not a bad start. Add an OG and a developmental RT in the draft and we should be OK.
  13. javajunky

    javajunky On the Roster

    That play was Kevin Faulk's fault. He should have chipped Suggs before going out on his pattern. Light froze a little bit inside expecting the chip and Brady assumed his backside was covered.
  14. chevss454

    chevss454 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    100% true. The Pats have enough holes to fill without creating another one. Why would any knowledgeable Pats fan want to get rid of a solid player like Light?
  15. The Dynasty

    The Dynasty In the Starting Line-Up

    How do you know that Faulk was suppose to chip Suggs before going out for his pattern? Even if he was why would Light freeze, he would continue to block the way he normally would. Light did his job on this play, Brady didnt.
  16. carolinatony

    carolinatony In the Starting Line-Up

    Light dislocated right kneecap

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  17. BennyBledsoe

    BennyBledsoe Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    Re: Light dislocated right kneecap

    Well, I sincerely hope injury is the sole reason Vollmer outperformed him this season.

    Then again, who knows how quickly he'll start to deteriorate as his body clicks on its eleventh season of professional play.
  18. KontradictioN

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    I'm absolutely fine with Matt Light coming back next season. He can still get the job done. He does struggle with speed rushers at times, but I'm not sure if I can point out one LT who doesn't. I was tough on Light earlier in the season (especially after what Schobel did to him in Week 1) but he's earned my respect.
  19. The Dynasty

    The Dynasty In the Starting Line-Up

    Light and LT and Vollmer at RT would be pretty solid. Vollmer will get used to the right side, especially getting more reps than ever at that side in training camp, preseason games etc, something he didnt get this season
  20. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    he is one tough SOB
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