Martz statement on Spygate

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  2. CheekyDave

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  3. IcyPatriot

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    Very well said and strongly worded statement. It would be nice if other coaches imply to the media of the need to move on. While Martz was involved those not involved can help also.
  4. PonyExpress

    PonyExpress In the Starting Line-Up

    Hey, people, there's an upside to LIEgate! Next time I'm in Hawaii, I'll know where to go for golf lessons...
  5. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Wow when did Mike Martz get a brain???:D
  6. JoePats

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    I like how in the same sentence he says team and league security screwed up royally he also applauds their work.
  7. cmasspatsfan

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    I like this part

    He saying take Matt Walsh with a grain of salt, he might have misremembered
  8. JDSal45

    JDSal45 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Can you find Waldo......errrr, I mean Matt Walsh? Since they had just done the team photo, I'm pretty sure he was wearing Pats garb. If Rams or NFL security didn't see him doing his job while authorized (Goodell's words) with a bright white shirt with a Patriots logo on it then I guess Martz must be blind.
    J D Sal
  9. PonyExpress

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    One important note:

    Martz is aware the Pats were taping sideline signals during the 2001 season. But he still says the Pats beat his Rams in the SB fair and square.


    Despite any sidelined taping, all the Pats Sb victories were fair and square according to Martz.

    If Martz felt differently about "side line taping" I'm sure he would mention it.
  10. Bella*chick

    Bella*chick Addicted to the light

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    Misremembered being the polite term for "having delusions of grandeur".
  11. PonyExpress

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    Is he wearing his toupee?
  12. SVN

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    where is that stl reporter who said the rams were not responsible if another team personnel was on their sidelines.
  13. upstater1

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    I have to say, I actually agree with Martz.

    I suspect that Walsh wasn't on the sideline at all, and he just made that up, as well as the Daboll stuff which Daboll says either didn't happen or can't remember.

    Yet another screwy part of the story.
  14. DefenseRules

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    It's really very simple. MATT WALSH LIED. He never had any video of a walkthru. If he did, that tape would have been released a long time ago. The more I hear this guy talk, the more he exposes himself as a fraud and a liar.
    He stole 8 tapes because he had aspirations of being a coach someday. Really? Why did you take the cheerleader video Mr. Walsh? Were you planning on coaching cheerleaders too? Then he claims that HE DIDN'T TAPE THAT ONE. He stole 8 tapes to supposedly help him become a coach, and I guess he accidently took that one. :rolleyes: YEAH RIGHT. :rolleyes:

    This is exactly why he wanted INDEMNIFICATION. THE NFL KNOWS THAT HE LIED.
  15. Maine-Fan

    Maine-Fan Guest

    Martz was probably taping our signals.
  16. Solaris

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    What? Walsh couldn't have lied. I mean afterall, he SAID he was there...isn't that good enough for everybody to believe him? Afterall, everyone from the press to a Senator seem to. :rolleyes:
  17. blackglass3

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    I have noticed that this information is not available on :eek:

    BTW, in the 2001 picture, who are numbers 14, 15, and 16? Backup punters?
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  18. ScottieC

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    Right about the time he hired someone to write that for him.
  19. JDSal45

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    #14 was RB Walter Williams on IR. #15 was WR Jimmy Farris on the Practice Squad. #16 was WR Scott McCready, also on the practice squad.

    J D Sal
  20. shmessy

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    Actually he saying Walsh is a liar for saying he was there in Patriots apparel. Read it carefully:

    "I promise you that if he was on the sideline, he was not in New England Patriots apparel because he would have been identified.

    "This whole issue is based on statements made by Matt Walsh, and I think we have to understand that."

    Now the Arlen Specter backlash is beginning to gain national momentum.

    I said three days ago that this was going to be our turn at bat finally. It's all happening.
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