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    Dale and Holley today were floating the idea of hiring Martz as a OC as a replacement for Josh McDaniel. Presuming Martz doesn't get a HC job somewhere.
    They asked the question to Peter King he thought it was a reasonable idea. King in talking with Martz last week never asked if he would return as a OC. Martz also said that the Jets are really bad,old and slow.
  2. BradyisGod

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    I hope not. I think his ego is certainly nothing we need around this group of team players.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    If he thinks the Jets are old and slow, he has to not be exactly high on the NEP and the glaring holes in their WR corp.

    We've already got NEM undermining BB for control.
  4. patriotsrule

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    Never happen. Honestly, anyone who watches a lot of football, can you see Belichick and Martz coaching together? I certainly can't. I would venture to say that Belichick doesn't even like Martz. Talk about total opposites. By the way, Peter King is the biggest Patriots homer on the planet. He loves the team more than the Krafts do. He would tell you Jesus Christ was going to be on the coaching staff if he could get people to believe it.
  5. patriotsrule

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    He thinks very highly of him? Apparently you didn't read the book on Belichick then. He all but said the guy couldn't coach pee wee football.
  6. jczxohn1

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    I heard the same thing but not sure if Martz' ego is that flexible. One thing for sure, if he comes here, his next stop is Buffalo.:D

    ENFORCER Rookie

    Nope your wrong....Belichick absolutly LOVES his offensive gameplans... Count me in as someone who would love to see him become out OC. ( As long as he decides to actually run the ball!!!) I am surprised with The talent on O the Raiders have..they dont pick him up
  8. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Very shocked if that would happen, Matz could not concide with Belichick, because of Martz Ego, never want him on board, keep Josh Mcdaniels and hire a QB coach...
  9. dhamz

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    Mike Martz believes that committing turnovers, having a lot of delay of game penalties and wasting timeouts are just part of the package that goes with having a great offense. I've actually heard him refer to that stuff as irrelevant.

    Does anyone think BB wants that from his OC?
  10. PATSNUTme

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    If he doesn't land somewhere, I wouldn't object if they hired him as a consultant.

    We don't want Tom learning a whole new system next year. But he can help a young OC like McDaniels.
  11. tdw777

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    If BB didn't bring in a new OC from outside last year..why would he do it now???

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    I dont think you guys understand.....If Martz comes in here as OC, hes not running the show. The guy got some exciting pass plays. This is still Belchicks team. What BB is to defense, Martz is to offense. Imagine how good Brady would look with is accuracy with Martz as his OC
  13. Box_O_Rocks

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    Don't try to shift the blame from yourself to McDaniels you scurrilous dawg!
  14. Bill's Girl

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    Yup!! Martz is to stubborn to work well in this system.

    Anyone know how many Super Bowl winning coaches have become coordinators after thier ring??
  15. nickw308810

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    It is intriguing but I don't think I would want Martz. Brady is excellent in the system we have now, I think taking him out of it would be a big mistake. Could he do it? Absolutely. But why mess with a good thing? No point in changing everything, we are still a good team. Plus I doubt we have the WR talent to make Martz system work.
  16. SVN

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    Plus even if martz comes he will go next yr as a head coach again somewhere so we will be left searching for a new off coord in a new system.

    ENFORCER Rookie

    are you kidding me???? Branch and Givens are great route runners.. Im telling you guys Martz can do some funky stuff wiht our group of TE's.
  18. nickw308810

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    Obviously Branch and Givens are good WR. Other than that we don't have much. But Givens is a FA and who knows if he will be back. It takes more than one WR.
  19. mtbykr

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    It is not going to happen--book it! I remember hearing a few weeks ago (forget the source, but it was credible) that martz said he wouldn't take a OC position--it was HC or nothing. ( i think this was around the time he was being talked about for the saints job) Even with that said I don't think BB would go for it---Martz is too much of a "me" person. I am sure BB respects what he can do for an offense---but i don't see him hiring him for the pats!
  20. MoLewisrocks

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    Bingo. Ball control, protect the ball, field position, TOP. BB would love to open the offense up somewhat but we lacked the personnel this season (dropsies, tipsies, boo-boos, blocking, no true #1, no complimentary running game). But he does not want a finesse offense thank you.

    Martz was on ESPN radio with Dan Partick today. He said he interviewed with NO and was very complimentary about their wonderful organization. They gave the job to someone else according to Martz agent because they and several teams wanted to avoid paying the asking price for an experience HC like himself. I think he'll happily lay low for a year or two waiting to salvage a mistake he perceives those teams are making. Probably do some commentary.

    BB promotes from within or, if he goes outside the immediate organization, he reels in experienced guys he's worked with before or who are very familiar with him and his system. Martz and BB probably do admire each other on many levels, but Martz isn't going to go to work under the guy who exposed his offense and derailed the dynasty in the making Vermeil handed him. In case you haven't noticed Martz is a pretty stubborn and egotistical guy. As BB often says, talent is great to admire but if it doesn't fit the system.....

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