Marshal Faulk hates BB - Surprise

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by snafu, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. snafu

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    Listening to his comments, it looks like he is still feeling the hits he took during the SB vs the Pats.

    If you guys haven't done so already, make it a point to read the 'Education of a Coach'. In the book BB explains how they took away Faulk from the game by hitting really, really hard every time he touched the ball and every time he didn't. Almost on every offensive play, he was hit. :D

    For the two weeks prior to the game, BB game planned exclusively to limit Faulk. Every play, during the practice, BB would yell "Where is he?". It got so bad that one of the players asked BB to just STFU. While leaving practice, the guys were yelling "Where is he?". BB actually smiled and was glad that the players got it.

    Of course, the receivers got the same punishment, but not as much as Faulk.:D
  2. groundgame

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    After SB XXXVI, Faulk said the Rams were beaten by the Rams, not the Patriots.
  3. snafu

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    That is true to a certain extent. Martz wanted to with the game his way. The pats were lined with 6 DBs for most of the game and were willing to give up run plays. According to BB, Faulk was most dangerous in the pass play. The players were screaming at Martz to call run plays. But he said "F*** it. I'll win it my way".

    I guess, BB got into his head too.
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