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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mgcolby, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. mgcolby

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    Interesting I wonder if he will get a rash of hell for that? If that is true then what the hell is wrong with him?
  2. Good. I'm glad he said that. If he is healthy and Belicheck is sitting him for no reason is the same reason why Gabriel didn't get along with the coaching staff and his eventual release. I also believe Chad Jackson is healthy as well and is being underused. Bill Belicheck reminds me alot like Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers. Jackson has never trusted rookies when he was with the Bulls and Lakers. I'm glad Maroney is speaking out and standing up for himself. They kid can play and there is no reason why he should be on the sidelines. Now people on this forum will rip me for this.
  3. Welker83

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    He trusted randall gay to help him win a superbowl....
  4. mgcolby

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    From a Dolphins fan none the less. :rofl:
  5. Remix 6

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    and Maroney has gotten a lot more carries than expected aswell as doing KR. Mankins and Kazcur started last did Hobbs
  6. Uh that's because they didnt have anyone else at cornerback, he started by default.
  7. mgcolby

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    I don't think he is sitting anyone for no reason. Who knows maybe its his neck that is injured? But if he is just sitting him I would have to think it is to keep him fresh, but even that doesn't make sense when they had a legitimate shot for a bye last weekend.

    I also think CJ is sitting because he is injured and if he isn't, then to me it means he doesn't know WTF he is doing.

    Rookies get playing time under BB, Hobbs started for the second half of the season, Mankins started 15 games (?) last season, Gay, Wilson, Samuel, Maroney, Branch, I think you jumped the gun on that conclusion.
  8. Yes your right. Mankins is an exception because he was drafted to replace Andruzzi. Hobbs started because of injury as well as Kazcur.
  9. Branch was not a starter but he did get a lot of playing time. Givens didn't start as a rookie. Samuel didn't start as a rookie. Wilson started after the second game of the season by default. I aready explained about Mankins and Gay. Yes I understand that some of these players have started as rookies but most of them have been on the defensive side of the ball. Most rookies that Belicheck drafts on the offensive sided of the ball do not get a lot of playing time their first season.
  10. Remix 6

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    Maroney is getting a lot of playing time...
  11. BelichickFan

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    One of the reporters referred to him as having "badly bruised ribs". Which would make the above statement true.

    Some of you need to quit making stuff up.
  12. PATSNUTme

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    I think that you have nailed it. BB is going through a self destructive stage right now.

    I got a phone call from a guy from Foxboro who told me that people have been very alarmed about the way Belichick has been acting this year. It's almost like he wants to lose.

    OK, the phone call wasn't from a guy from Foxboro. But, he has been through Foxboro a couple of years ago. And, he didn't actually hear that about BB and was making it up so he could screw with me. Now, prove that it isn't true.
  13. Clonamery

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    You know that doesn't sound probable, but it does sound possible.
  14. mgcolby

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    I didn't say everyone of them started I said they got playing time and Samuels did make a few starts as a rookie and was pretty much our NB and he played in all 16 games. Givens basically played as much as CJ has this season and Branch had 43 catches his rookie season.

    Bottom line if they are good enough and they show enough understanding of what their responsibilies are, they will play.
  15. Bruschi 3:16

    Bruschi 3:16 Practice Squad Player

    I wonder if he'll end up on the IR next. :mad:
  16. Don't take my comments so seriously. It's a guess, that's all. My guess is as good as yours. Read my comments again, I said "IF".
  17. bevster

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    When Branch was a rookie, he had a productive first half of the season. After that, he tired out and was completely non productive.

    I think that BB realizes that if he overplays some of the rookies, then they may be all tired out for the playoffs. I think that CJ and LM will see more playing time now and through the playoffs.
  18. PATSNUTme

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    I didn't take your comments seriously.

    But,I can't prove that they are wrong.
  19. mgcolby

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    When TF did you become a moderator? Now I know the world is going to hell in a hand basket. ;)
  20. PATSNUTme

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    Not to be concerned. It's just for the girlie forum. It's an awesome power and I'll try to treat the little people with fairness and justice.:rocker:

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