Maroney Comes Clean On His 'Issues'

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Article, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Article Article In the Starting Line-Up

    It was a run out of bounds last October against the San Francisco 49ers that started a lot of controversy for Patriots runningback Laurence Maroney.

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  2. Ian

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    I think there are quite a few here who forget that Maroney is only 24, and if he returns to the player he started out to be, his return would be a great addition in New England's running game.
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  3. Jackson 2

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    I agree. For a variety of reasons, some perhaps warranted, this guy has become a lot of people's whipping boy. Speculating on the existence and/or severity of a player's injuries continues to be a slippery slope. I hope Maroney experiences success, in large part because it will likely result in success for our team, but also because he strikes me as a nice guy who likes it here and really wants to do well.
  4. Holy Diver

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    KILL EM this year Kool-aid!


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    IF Is the BIG word here,I am sure we all want to see him back to the way he ran during his college days and the first few games in 2006 but some of us doubt it while others hope he can.

    Age is really only an issue if you can combat those annual injuries and stay healthy even though he has no control over it,It remains a problem thus far.
  6. 363839

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    I like LoMo. I really hope he's able to vindicate himself in a big way this year. He can do it.
  7. Patjew

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    That is amazing, it seems like he's been around forever already.
  8. RayClay

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    He's been injured and had a little trouble hitting the holes at times, (or whatever the hell you hit with zone blocking, cutback lanes?). Nevertheless he's been good for 4.3-4.5 yards a carry and some great kickoff returns.

    I'm betting 95% of running backs would like to "struggle" like that.:rolleyes:

    The difference with some ham and eggers that fans occasionally fall in love with is, he's much better than them now and his ceiling is incredible. You don't cut potential greatness unless you're a fool.

    Also, I don't think the Pats have got that zone blocking down, which you can't blame them since Maroney and Morris have both missed a lot of time.
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  9. efin98

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    Just seems that way with all the talk/whining/fighting/complaining about him...
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