Maroney as feature back?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by marcus, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. marcus

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    Maroney did have a few flashes of brilliance last year...but towards the end of the season and in the playoffs, he seemed to have problems running North to South and hitting the holes quickly.
    He certainly does not seem like a power back.

    Does anyone have concerns with his reliability as a feature back for next year?

    Are Morris, Faulk, Evans good enough backups?

    How would you rate Maroney verus Thomas Jones (Jets)?
  2. Fencer

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    I'm worried about Maroney in short-yardage situations, and will likely stay that way until the FDs and TDs pile up to set my mind at ease.
  3. JoePats

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    Moderate concerns about it, but once he stops dancing behind the line he'll be fine.
  4. WhiZa

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    Maroney has a lot more upside than Jones. I think Maroney will be formidable, but definitely not like Dillon was his first year here. I just hope he can stay healthy. That's pretty much why he sucked the 2nd half of the year.
  5. Alk

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    I really believe Maroney's fall off last season had alot to do with his rib injury. Before the injury he wasn't doing near as much dancing in the backfield. I'm farily confident that he'll be just fine.
  6. BelichickFan

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    Maroney will be fine. We will have more of a passing threat even if it's just from adding Welker and having the other guys more on board with the offense, but hopefully we add Stallworth too. Maroney will know the OL better and vice versa. He'll be stronger after the offseason program. And the field turf will help him too.

    No worries here.
  7. Pats726

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    I liked Dillon as the feature back..I am not sure how Maroney would do in that role...I really think he benefitted from coming in after Dillon had already poinded the line a bit. It will be interesting to see how they use the 4 of them...Will another be added??
  8. NE39

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    They drafted the guy in the first round and gave him a year to ease into the NFL as a part-time player. The next logical step is to hand him the ball on a full-time basis.

    I'm excited about Maroney, I think he will be better this year with a full offseason of NFL preparation. Not only do I think he can be an electric runner, but I think he has potential to make big plays in the passing game if they get him the ball in the flat. His speed is an exciting dimension the Pats haven't had at RB since Belichick took over.

    As for backups, if they want to draft a guy to compete I'm fine with it, but I think they are OK. Faulk is one of the best 3rd down backs in the NFL. Morris and Evans are both versatile enough to contribute in many roles including ST.
  9. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    I have huge concerns about LM. I have never seen a back get pushed backwards as many times as he did. His upright running style is not condusive to goal line situations. And I don't buy the rib injury as being an excuse...If anything, the rib injury would force him to play lower...not the upright target that he presented tacklers that were pancaking him in the backfield. For all you fantasy geeks, I would be drafting Brady earlier than normal for I fear that Pats will be forced to sling it into the endzone on goal line situations.
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  10. TheSeymonsta

    TheSeymonsta Practice Squad Player

    Anyone hear ever have a rib injury.....

    It hurts to breathe and takes a long time to heal...I think Maroney will be fine.
  11. rabthepat

    rabthepat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    My exact concerns too...I was surprised Addai of Indy out performed LM last year.
  12. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    Were you really?

    This wasn't surprising at all, considering teams had to sell out against the pass to slow down Manning.
  13. holyredeemer

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    How were you at all surprised? Our RG couldnt get going worth **** last yr. aside from a few surprise outings. It's called 8 men stacking the box, which is a product of not having legitimate threats at WR. Opposing DC caught onto that. Also, why is everyone so worried about Maroney but not too worried about the OL that was letting players into the backfield the 2nd he got the ball?
    Maroney isnt the only issue here. Lack of o-line, product of no formidable passing threat to speak of and partly because Maroney was a ROOKIE!!!
  14. The_Dragon

    The_Dragon Practice Squad Player

    Were the Patriots transitioning to the zone-blocking running scheme last year? I think I read somewhere that they were - this will suit Maroney better in the future.
  15. spacecrime

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    You really prefer Dillon to Maroney? I think we let the right RB go. I think we are much better off with Maroney than Dillon.
  16. Krugman

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    Agree with Whiza,I think Maroney has a big upside,lets see how he does this year when not banged up.I think he'll have a great year,barring any injury.
  17. cstjohn17

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    I agree question should be more broad, will the Patriots have an effective running game in 2007.

    Effective is measured in 2 ways:
    1) Numbers - Total yardage and YPC
    2) Eyeball test
    - are they able to grind out critical yards on the ground in the 4th quarter?
    - is there enough of a balance run versus pass to keep the opponents off balance? (play calling factors into this)

    2006 Observations - The running game was productive 123 YPG (12th in NFL) and average or slightly less than average with its 3.9 YPC. The eyeball test shows that the running game was inconsistent with the most likely cause being a lack of respect for the passing game.

    2007 Roster Analysis
    • Maroney - He has a lot to prove, he was not a feature back in college and was not able to complete his first season in the NFL without injury. He should come to camp a little bigger (222-226) after a full NFL offseason and be able to assume an increased role. As of right now he is the 3rd ranked RB (Brown, Jones). At the NFL level 50% of RB success is taking the field. Any half decent back who gets 15+ carries per game is going to put up good numbers, the hard part is staying healthy.
    • Faulk - I can't believe he only rushed 25 times last year. He appeared to be effective when used on draws but had limited running attempts likely because he was used a lot in the return game. Hopefully Welker takes the majority of the PR and Faulk can take 5-10 attempts per game. He had a very good receiving year (the catch against Buffalo when he was split out wide was a beauty!) but appeared to tire at the end of the year and had more drops than usual.
    • Morris - Solid, not spectacular back, should get some limited carries (4-8 per game). Never rushed for more than 550 yards, career high 132 attempts in 2004. Surprised that he was given a 4 year contract, nothing special about him at all.
    • Evans - Blocking has improved, especially on the move. Less than average ability as a short yardage runner. Will get minimal carries 2-4 per game.
    • Mills - Not sure how he fits in as a RB/FB, in college he was a pass receiving TE. I see him as more of a motion TE or motion FB, don't expect more than 1-2 carrries per game max.
    • OL - Played the last portion of the season with the number 1 unit (Light, Mankins, Koppen, Neal, Kaczur) and the results were mixed. Pass protection was good but the running game was very inconsistent. Guys like Light, O'Call were were banged up and Koppen and Kaczur were likely not fully healed. I had very high expectations of the unit going into 06 and was disapointed. I hope the 07 unit is a little bit more nasty, and can slug it out a little bit more. Neal also seemed to be a little bit less than his usual self. On the plus side Mankins came back stronger and is quickly turning into one of my favorite players. He is tough, mean, nasty, strong and ugly all the key characteristics of a good O Lineman.

    There is a limit to the number of RBs we can keep on the roster. I wouldn't be a shock to see one of the names above (Mills) be repalced by a more stout short yardage back,a speed back or even a traditional RB to split carries with Maroney. I picked Mills because he is elligible for the PS.
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  18. frankiesfly

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    Where is Patrick Pass, is even still on the team? I think Maroney will be alright as a starter next year, along with the mixing of Faulk. Evans will take the place of Dillion as the power back, for short yardage and goal line plays. I always thought Pass was a good player and if he is back next year we will be fine. You're right Maroney did kind of fall off towards the end of the season. I think it was just one problem that all young backs need to form. Patience. I think Maroney was trying to do to much, trying to always make the big play, so it caused him to dance more. Instead of just taking the 4-6 yards. This season he will be more patient, more expierienced, and a 1300 yard rusher.
  19. koolaid23

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    completely wrong. he was fine in goal line situations when ever he had the opportunity. the only one where there was a problem was the fumble on the exchange in the AFC championship game. and its pretty easy to get pushed backwards when you get hit in the backfield getting the handoff. why would a rib injury force you to play lower? if you hurt your ribs it affects everything. it hurts to run, jump, get tackled, or sometimes just standing upright. he will be fine and will be a top back in the NFL. let him go through a full offseason of reps, practice and conditioning and you'll see. he could def. go for 1300 yards and 10 TDs in this offense next year.
  20. zippo59

    zippo59 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Maroney is going to be great. I have no worries.

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