Maroney and play-action

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  1. nabwong

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    Rushing ATT YDS TD LG
    F. Taylor 7 25 0 8
    K. Faulk 5 22 0 10
    S. Morris 6 21 1 12
    T. Brady 5 11 1 7
    L. Maroney 7 6 0 5

    Receiving REC YDS TD LG
    L. Maroney 1 17 0 17

    Anyone knows why Maroney is not used more in play-action? Is it because his hands are bad? Can't chip the rusher? How bad can he be? I've always been impressed with him when he's in space and can get up to full speed. It's getting very predictable. The defense always go run first when Maroney is on. You know it's time to consider something else when Tom Brady rushes for more yards than a HB.
  2. Holy Diver

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    Maroney might get cut
  3. borg

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    Chipped glass is worthless
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