Maroney - 4.85 40-yard dash per CNNSI

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MooseKnuckles, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. MooseKnuckles

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  2. JackBauer

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    Draft Countdown says 4.47.
  3. BelichickFan

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    4.85 is definitely wrong.
  4. Remix 6

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    He got 4.47 with a barely healed hammy..he didnt want to make excuses so he ran when he told them he would and he wasnt a 100% and ran a 4.47. watch his highlights or game film and tell me if hes near 4.85

    he looks more like 4.39
  5. Joker

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    He runs a 4.55 forty

    please with the bullcrap posts
  6. MooseKnuckles

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    Perhaps he ran it was backwards
  7. mac

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    Sporting News Draft Guide has Maroney in 4.50.
  8. Remix 6

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  9. PYPER

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    He runs in the 4.4's. It appears like he has a lot of breakaway speed. His highlights show him running away from a lot of defenders.

    He's a smart cat too. He scored a 30 on the wonderlic. That's got to be one of the highest scores ever by a RB. Most RB's are pretty stupid.

    I like his running style. He appears to be very "instinctive". He just knows how to run. This is an exciting pick.

    This should also bring the best out of Corey. We could have a devastating running game this year.

    Here's a link that lists his 40 time.
  10. PatsFanInVa

    PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter says 4.45 with an E, for estimated (as in, ran faster, but changed it as a "would have been 4.45 on grass" number.)

    No way it's 4.8anything.
  11. Bostonian1962

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    Right On Brother! I have four draft guides that have him just below/at/above 4.5. Does anybody really think he'd be he'd be rated this highly if he ran a friggin 4.85????
  12. Amnorix

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    Maurice Clarett dropped like a rock on draft boards in part due to running 4.7X and 4.8X at the combine. No way in hell Maroney ran 4.8.
  13. groundgame

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    USA Today Draft Guide official speed for Maroney: 4:55 seconds.
  14. Remix 6

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    well considering he ran a 4.46 or 4.47 at Pro Day..theres some confusion but lets not worry about his 40..hes very fast..not faster than Bush or Drew but pretty much any other RB and he cuts on dimes. we will be amazed when we watch him
  15. scout

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    What did Emmit run in the 40? That piece of information is getting way too much exposure. What if a runner isn't explosive out of the blocks but makes up the speed on the back end, and runs a better time. Would you rather have that runner. Give me a runner who is quick but doesn't have break away speed anytime. Bethel Johnson is very fast in the 40, Jerry Rice, not so fast.
    There's too many variables that get overlooked while too much emphasis is on this time trial.
  16. Joker

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    These arguments about 40 times and who said what are ridiculous and of little value.

    Did he or did he not carry the ball 47 times in a game last season? Stamina OK?

    Did he not average 133 yards a game while splitting time with another RB?

    Is he not measureably very intelligent?

    He has speed, runs to holes with determination,possesses some shake and is durable....while playing in a major conference.

    He is versatile...can run back kickoffs, has caught passes out of the backfield AND he's BIGGER ,FASTER and SURER HANDED than Faulk.

    So let's forget about taking him and going with Heath Evans off waivers like last year....WE NEEDED A LB!!!! WAAAAAAAH!!! WAAAAH!!!
  17. flutie2phelan

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    After getting over the shock of an RB in the first ... my next thought was ...
    Corey in mini-camp, meeting his designated "replacement".
    Corey in meeting rooms and lockerrooms and on the field, alongside his designated "replacement".
    Corey in a game, watching his designated "replacement" ... soaking up "his" reps.

    All in all, a delightful vision!
    When was the last time any team had TWO 1000-yard runners?
  18. RayClay

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    It's all kind of silly, isn't it? He plays in the Big Ten.

    Don't you trust your own eyes??

    If he can run away from the guys chasing him............:bricks:

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