Mariucci says almost comback is a testament to Colts strength

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MoLewisrocks, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. MoLewisrocks

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    While Deion says it may be time to revisit Brady vs. Manning. Says Brady never had even 1 pro bowl WR while Manning still had 1 of those and a pro bowl caliber RB but he threw 6 picks...

    Mooch then babbled about how it wasn't just the WR Manning had losses on his Oline too - I guess he missed our 2005 season.

    Deion was also upset that Dungy said he apologized to the team for using the TO to argue with the ref...they coulda used it. Deion said Dungy didn't throw 6 picks or miss two FG's or give up 2 scores on ST...

    Tony is starting to look like the guy who was coaching in Indy back in 2003-2004. The one who looked to his QB to see what they should do. Maybe what rattled Adam was being waved off the field like Vanderjerk used to be when Peyton had another plan in mind.

    One and done.
  2. jman924

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    Matt Light broke his leg how early in the 2005 season?
    The Pats had how many 1000 yard players?
    Running game was ranked where?
    How many games did Brady throw 6 picks?

    The funniest thing was hearing Mark S. go on about how losing makes the Colts stronger.:rolleyes:
    Shouldn't the Dolphins be the best team in the NFL at this point then? They haven't won since December...of last year!:eek:
  3. ALP

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    ohh SHOOT...well then, the first pats lose this yr is when we play miami..................................................

    u may laugh now
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