Manning went to Europe for stem cell tx on neck

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by RhodyPatriot, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. RhodyPatriot

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  2. Fencer

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    Best wishes to him! That's for all the usual reasons, plus another one, which is:

    I really like that a little bit of the large amount of money spent on sports goes to advancing the frontiers of medicine, in ways that wind up helping more people than professional athletes. So I always like to see an attempt along those lines work out.
  3. borg

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    Frankenstien needs a lube job
  4. goheels22002

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    He's going to grow a new neck. Here's the after picture:

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  5. Gumby

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    The part that doesn't sound too optimistic for Manning...

    I thought that the main thing healing from the neck fusion was muscles and stiffness and mobility. If he is having to "regenerate nerves"; I would have to think the prognosis is a lot worse than he and the Polian camp have let on to so far.
  6. Ivan

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    The report is incomplete. Manning is actually having his neck and head regrown in a glass decanter in Europe and he flew there to donate the cells. It should take another 2-4 weeks but then he will have a completely new neck and head and they can simply lop off the old one around the shoulders and snap on the new model. The really good news is that the new set doesn't break when he gets hit it simply flies off and they can snap it back on.

    Clearly Manning will be fine, the only question remaining is whether they induct his old neck and head into Canton or whether they go with the traditional bust.
  7. The-Hooded-One

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    How are stem cells not against league rules? How is that different than using HGH to heal?
  8. RhodyPatriot

    RhodyPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    That is a very good and very valid question. Granted we know there are rules against HGH use and none against stem cell therapy but your point is spot on. Would love for someone to ask Goodell and Co about this.
    Then again is it Peyton Manning so he could receive a bionic neck and the league wouldn't say anything. ;)
  9. ctpatsfan77

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    IANAL, but I'm guessing that it was approved on the grounds that it is intended solely to be "restorative."

    If this were illegal, you could argue that ACL surgery should be illegal, too.

    And, FWIW, stem cell therapies are not 100% effective. I'm not even sure they're 50% effective.
  10. Rob0729

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  11. TheSolderKing

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    why should they be?

    I even think it is Bullshi* how significantly hurt players are not allowed to rehabilitate/heal by using HGH. Hats off to Peyton. Stem-Cell research is the answer to so many ailments of the people of this world. Europe is MILES ahead of our pathetic country in stem-cell research. American bureaucracy retards the the legitimacy of Stem Cell Research by not funding "Fetal Stem Cell Research" a branch that is so much more significant.

    Fetal- stem cell research allows us scientists to tap in to the "egg" rather than the Chicken. Grown Human Beings represent the chickens in this analogy. Start from the begining not the end.

    Peyton I hope you get the best fetal stem-cells available in Europe. There is GR8 promise in these procedures
  12. The-Hooded-One

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    I support stem cell research. That has nothing to do with this. The NFL bans EVERYTHING. So how are stem cells ok? If HGH is banned by the NFL, stem cells should be also.
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  13. goheels22002

    goheels22002 Supporter Supporter

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    I sure hope his doctors donate his old head and neck to the Football Hall of Fame. That will be a great exhibit:

    "Over here is a tribute to 6'5" Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts who passed for over 50,000 yards and threw 399 touchdowns with his original head and neck which you see next to the cleats he wore in the Superbowl. And over here is a gigantic helmet worn by 7'8" Peyton Manning who went on to throw for 25,000 additional yards and 150 more touchdowns with his new genetically engineered neck and head before he was shot by poachers in Africa who mistook him for the rare albino giraffe.

    And we're walking...."
  14. BradyFTW!

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    The nerves were always going to need to regenerate, as I understand it. This was just an attempt to speed up the process, I believe, since it was going too slowly as is.
  15. everlong

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    Indy is scheduled for Sunday night football this coming week against the Steelers and later against the Saints. Neither game can be flexed out. The Pats vs Colts game can be. :eek:

    What a porking for NBC who also get the Chiefs one week.
  16. Deus Irae

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    Do you really think this was an important point to be haggled over in a CBA discussion?
  17. Gwedd

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    The problem with this line of research is the source of the "Fetal Stem Cells".

    Stem cells taken from the placenta or umbilical cord of newborns, provided the mother and father grant consent, is fine. Anything else is taboo, and ought not to be even under consideration. There is a very bright line here that should never be crossed.

    FWIW, I support the use of stem cell therapy for injured players, as well as the use of HGH. Neither should be banned by the NFL as long as they are part of the rehabilitative therapy prescribed by the player's physician, and their use documented and monitored in the player's medical jacket.

  18. FreeTedWilliams

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    Steriods are completely legal in the Dominican Republic, ditto HGH, so all you have to do is go to the DR and do riods and HGH and you are OK?????

    (Of course the CBA specifically names these substances) but it would be a very interesting legal situtaiton if the (former) Jets employee went after Peyton for this. He went to court over the Williams' and the StarCaps case, I wonder if Peyton getting a medical proceedure that is not approved in the US is some sort of suspendable offense........
  19. Peachhead

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    I'm guessing that the folks who wrote and negotiated the CBA never foresaw the use of stem cells as something that could potentially be used to recover from a football injury. It's usually in the news as a potential treatment of Parkinson's or diabetes or something like that. So it's prohibition probably wasn't written into the CBA.

    And if it ain't in the CBA the commish would be on really shaky ground if he tried to punish someone for it. Besides, it's Peyton Manning. One of the highest profile players in the league. With a very influential team owner and GM. I could definitely see Goodell trying to do something if it was a lesser known player. 'Overreach' is his middle name. But with Manning he'd have a major PR disaster on his hands unless it was a totally clearcut violation of the rules.
  20. Boston Boxer

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