Mangini as HC or NYJ?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mikey, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. mikey

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  2. mikey

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    Me? I prefer risoni, bucatini, or ditaloni :D.

  3. PATSNUTme

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    2 words. Won't happen.
  4. onegameatatime

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    Would be interesting. Ferentz is another BB guy.

    There's also talk that Jeff Fisher wants out of Tenn and Tenn might accommodate. I would not want to see the Jets get Fisher.

    I'm pulling for the offensive genius, Mike Martz, or Mike Tice.
  5. Hoss

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    Mike Francesa had Mangini as leading candidate on Jet's list of potential coaches on his radio show this morning. A little green for a HC position IMO, but supposedly atop the Jets list.
  6. BradyisGod

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    John Heyman is a piece of garbage. He puts these things in to tweak New Englanders.
  7. BelichickFan

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    I can't see Mangini or Ferentz wanting that job. With the cap problems, Pennington and Martin, that is one of the worst jobs in the NFL. Mangini turned down the Raiders to be DC a couple of years ago and I think he would do the same to the jesters for the HC job if given the chance.
  8. mikey

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    35-year-old Connecticut-born Mangini has been coaching for 13 years.

    I think he is ready. The Jets look like a great fit. The risks and expectations are low, but the reward is high.

    The Jets are building a brand new stadium and moving their entire operation to the Meadowlands area.

    It offers a fresh start and a great opportunity for Mangini.

    And New Jersey is a great place to live for Eric, Julie, and little Jake.

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  9. DefenseRules

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    Mangini is also very LOYAL to BB. He has had many opportunities to leave in the past, and he chose to stay. Mangini and BB are very close. Don't overlook that. That's why I would be stunned if Mangini were to leave now.
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  10. BelichickFan

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    I wouldn't be stunned if he left to be a HC but I would if he went to the jesters. If he's learned one thing from Belichick it should be that if you're going to be a HC you need the right situation and the jesters are in a horrible place right now.
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  11. onegameatatime

    onegameatatime Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I would think it would be tough for him personally to go into the same division, but who knows what really smolders inside him -- maybe he'd like the challenge of beating the BB.

    The NJJ can't get much worse. Rememebr when Parcells took the team -- it had quit and gone 1-15 for Kotite but had talent, and we all knew there was big upside.
  12. dhamz

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    I think if it got to the point that they did offer him the job, it would be really hard for him to turn down. Any HC job is an amazing opportunity for a guy his age with his experience. It also would likely be a big bump in pay even as the HC of the J-E-T-S who like to hire guys below market. Mangini is a guy who hasn't made big $ in his career so that would likely be a factor.

    I don't see what the allure of Mangini as a HC at this point would be unless they think he'll work cheaper than more established candidates. He certainly has the BB/Parcells link that is in vogue these days but right now I don't even think he is proven as a DC.
  13. Box_O_Rocks

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    Eric knows the Jets organization, he was there with BB and SP under Parcells, he doesn't need BB to tell him what he would be getting into. My hope for Eric is that he would want to stay a DC at least one more year. I want him to be successful and think his best chance it to gain one more year of experience as a DC.
  14. The Gr8est

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    Agreed, while Mangini will someday be another branch from the Belichick tree he is still just an acorn.

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