Major Props for Garrett Mills...

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  1. DarrylS

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    from today's Herald, Tomase does a little work and finds that Mills may be a real sleeper and an assett to this team...

    Pats ‘hit a home run’ -- Tulsa’s Mills quite a catch
    By John Tomase
    Wednesday, May 3, 2006 - Updated: 02:30 AM EST
    Tulsa quarterback Paul Smith thinks the play best illustrates everything Garrett Mills does on a football field, from his smarts to his instincts to his athleticism, and coach Steve Kragthorpe agrees.

    The Golden Hurricane led East Carolina, 13-10, in the third quarter last Nov. 12 and faced third-and-9 from the Pirates’ 38-yard line. Mills ran an option route and peeled open. Smith hit him for about 10 yards.

    “I’m thinking, oh, nice job, he got open on the guy,†Smith said yesterday. “That was impressive. Maybe he can get another five yards. But he jukes the first guy. Then another comes off a block 35 yards downfield and has him squared up perfectly. (The defender) goes low and Garrett hurdles the guy, right over him.

    “He clipped his leg and knocked him off-balance, but somehow in the air he regains his balance, lands on his feet at the 10, and jogs in the rest of the way. It was ridiculous. Two plays before that he’s a tight end blocking on an isolation play, and now he’s hurdling defensive backs like an NFL wde receiver.â€
  2. PatsRI

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    Good article. He sure sounds like he can be that 3rd down and red zone guy out of the backfield that the Pats like. Maroney replaces Dillon and Mills replaces Faulk in 2 years? Seems like it could happen.
  3. kurtinelson

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    I am skeptical about Mills. Hope he proves me wrong.
  4. rookBoston

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    Mills is one of the few guys I had on my draft board that the Pats actually drafted. He was the heart and soul of his college team, and has a 3.9 GPA in Business Admin.

    Smart, versatile, team oriented, coach on the field, team leader... the NFL and the nation are starting to recognize a "Patriots" kind of player. His coach and his QB absolutely gush about this guy.

    Here's some more reading on Mills to give some perspective on what he meant to his team at the college level. He's one of those guys that you script plays for. I think we can expect great things.
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  5. BelichickFan

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    Pro Football Weely said he'd be a sure first rounder if he was 3 inches and 30 pounds heavier. Now, of course, he's not. But as an H-Back, like Byars, instead of a TE he can still be very, very useful. Just not the value of a full fledged TE. But their comment shows the kind of athletic ability he has.
  6. spacecrime

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    Why? What do you know or have read that makes you skeptical?

    Any particular part of his game, chracter, intelligence? Surely not his hands?

    I know he is only 6' tall, which is why he came to the NFL as a FB, not a TE as in college.
  7. shmessy

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    Thanks, Rook! That Jenks link is fabulous info on Mills.

    A few observations:

    1) Reading that Jenks homepage drives home the fact that Oklahoma is waaaaayyyy over-football obsessed. The facilities for the 7th and 8th grade players rivals (and may even exceed) the Foxboro facilities (aside from the stadium).

    2) The fact that Mills came from such a jock-factory environment and put together a 3.9 GPA with Academic All-American status says volumes about his intelligence, character and work ethic.

    3) He facially resembles Vrabel

    4) Just another one of the amazing collection of future CEO's or Head Coaches on the Patriots. This team is SUPERIOR in more ways than one. Anyone who has read the off-field articles about Jarvis Green, Rodney Harrison, Mike Vrabel, this kid, Ben Watson, Josh Miller, James Sanders...not to mention #12, know that this team contains an enormous amount of people who will be leaders of industry and society far after their playing days are over.

    5) I don't understand how PatsRI can say that Mills will replace Faulk in 2 years. That's like comparing apples to blueberries. Mills and Faulk don't play nearly the same way role on the field. The person who should be a little concerned here is Patrick Pass (and I am a huge booster of Patrick whom I think is STILL getting better each year).
  8. the taildragger

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    how the hell do they find these guys?

    it's funny, but we've totally invented a whole "class" of player -- when the media says "team X is looking for a patriots-type player" we know exactly what they mean.
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  9. zippo59

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    When I first heard about this draft pick I was confused and thought it didn't make any sense. After reading about him, I realize it makes perfect sense. Someone previously stated that from a sentimental standpoint it made them sad that the Pats are drafting all these highly toutes skill players when they built a dynasty on the underrated, unsung, smart players with heart. Looking at this guy it is clear to me the Pats are still doing that.
  10. Bobs My Uncle

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    The more I read about Mills the more pleased I am to call him a Patriot. Sounds like he'll excel at anything he wants to do.

    I am VERY excited to see this kid don Pats colours.
  11. zippo59

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    Perhaps he is a new Troy Brown, which is the ultimate compliment for a Pats player.
  12. BelichickFan

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  13. Joe_n99

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    What are you all talking about????

    From the pats page on Mills..

    "Heck, he even returned punts in the Oklahoma game. No lie, a tight end returning punts. That’s the kind of kid he is. He’ll do anything to help his team win.â€

    This is our new punt returner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

  14. ctpatsfan77

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    A couple more great comments from --


  15. smg93

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    I am really happy with this signing. A couple of months ago I actually wanted to take a FB like Alstodt but he re-signed with his team. I think this guy has the potential physical skills to do even more than him. I'm really really looking forward to seeing him play next season.
  16. marty

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    With all these high quality guys we've added, plus the ones we already have, I'm starting to feel really bad for coach come cut down day!!!!!!
  17. Patriot Missile

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    I like the pick. Fundamentally sound and athletic. Maybe we have another Kevin Turner on our hands? Nice security blanket to have.
  18. Digger44

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    What do you base your skepticism upon?

    JMCTULSA Rookie

  20. shmessy

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