LT Biggest Baby in Sports...this week.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by grapedog, Sep 25, 2007.

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    No matter the PR spin some public figures try, the truth always comes out in the end.
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    It used to said that every RB has only so many carries in his body.

    But If you look at the histories of most big time RB including the ones that have had long careers, you'll find that they really only had two or three 'great years" and a lot of good ones...

    LdT has had his great ones. And great ones they were, for sure. The operative word is "WERE".
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    LT is really showing himself to be a real class A biatch. that's the only way i can use class and LT in the same sentence.
  6. He is throwin' a hissy fit like a 12yr old girl. You can run, pass and catch a TD every game, LT. It's still early in the season.
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    I used to be a huge LT fan, back to his college days. Next to Barry Sanders, who no one will ever not convince me was/might-have-been-if-he-had-any-blocking the best ever, I thought he might rank up there.

    But, after hearing him talk and whine, and botch and moan, on and on....I've lost interest. He can make Edgerrin James' "bad" season look like an MVP year, for all care. For a humble country boy, he's looking prima donna to me.
  10. signbabybrady

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    real classy guy right.......

    funny pic patriot lifer...
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    Meh. I don't blame LT one single bit. He's been saddled with one of the most mediocre head coaches ever to pace the sidelines, and he knows that he's stuck under him for at least three seasons. This, after a 14-2 record and what is widely accepted at the most talented roster of players in the league (and before you all get huffy, let's just weigh that on ProBowl players and save the argument for another day).

    No. I don't fault LT one single bit.
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    I have to agree, somewhat.

    He is an extremely talented player, no doubt. Some people are just not good at expressing themselves when things are not going well. He just happens to be one of them.

    But yeah I gotta agree, he does sound like a whiny little biatch! lol!

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    On a side note.

    If you wanna see something funny, do a yahoo image search for "whiny biatch." but take out the "a".

    Look at all the images that come up of Pats tackling Peyton! :rocker:
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    You guys can HAVE a so-called leader who acts defeated and morose once adversity strikes. Just what kind of a signal and example does that pathetic conduct send to your team mates? Disappointed and POed would be fine, but LT, show some leadership you whiney defeatist.

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