LSU - 'Bama defensive draft picks

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by b72s, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. b72s

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    Face it these defenses are good could we get any of them?

    I expect at least 6 drafted next year..
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  2. Practice Squad Player

    i am no college football or draft expert, but i am watching the tide playing since 4 years now...

    i think the prospects we can get are FS robert lester, DE/DT jesse williams and DE/DT damion square. the other defensive players will be gone when the pats are picking...
  3. Big-T

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    Re: Lsu Bama defensive draft picks

    Patriots have 2 former Alabama starters already in Hightower & Deaderick.

    They also have these former SEC players on defense: Jermaine Cunningham, Brandon Spikes, Jerod Mayo & Jake Bequette.

    There might be some more, but that's just off the top of my head.
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  4. leehanu

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    Add Kyle Love from Miss State to the SEC players.
  5. stelfans

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    Im more interested in that 'bama o-line. Jones and Warmack are amazing.
  6. MrNathanDrake

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    Re: Lsu Bama defensive draft picks

    Steven Ridley went to LSU

    Brandon Bolden went to Ole Miss

    Ryan Mallet and Jake Bequette went to Arkansas
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  7. Big-T

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    Re: Lsu Bama defensive draft picks

    3/4s of those are offensive players too :p
  8. patsfaninpa

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    Great defensive players have come out of everywhere quite recently. Extremely short-sighted to narrow your want list to LSU/Bama players. Chandler Jones, JJ Watt, Navarro Bowman, Sean Lee, JPP, Revis, Von Miller, Sean Witherspoon, Richard Sherman, Bruce Irvin, Calais Campbell, Chris Long. None of these guys were SEC players and are probably the best talent in the league that's come out recently on defense. There is no doubt Alabama has been the best college program over the last 5 years. I'm beginning to wonder if the sum is greater than the individual parts. Not really any busts, But, these guys haven't exceeded or even lived up to expectations. Very early in some of their careers. I would say none of these guys have exploded in the NFL. Way too early to judge this year's rookies. But, none have flashed greatness yet either.

    Marcel Dareus - Good. Not sure if he's going to be a pro-bowler. Top 5 pick

    Rolando McClain- Meh. High 1st rounder.

    Terrance Cody - Hasn't gotten in good enough shape yet. The Ravens version of Ron Brace. 2ND rounder.

    Kareem Jackson - 2nd rounder by Houston. Solid player

    Javier Arenas - 2nd rounder by KC. Having trouble getting on the field. Will get a shot now that they've cut S. Routt.
  9. patsfaninpa

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    Johnny F'ing Football

    Black Ice Tees
  10. Ochmed Jones

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    For the LSU Bama game, lots of talent on the field.

    Montgomery of LSU could be top 10.
  11. patsfaninpa

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    It seems like most people like Mingo more. But, when I watch LSU. Montgomery seems to play better. I'd love to get Eric Reid for the Pats. What are your thoughts on him and Matt Elam from Florida.
  12. Ochmed Jones

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    I also like Reid's game. Rambo of Georgia, if he didn't have issues, has impressed me as well.

    If the Pats are to get a front line safety in the second or third round, this is the draft to do that.

    I am still thinking Barrett Jones at #32 for the Pats. Although I really like those OT's for Texas A&M, they are both special players, I just doubt either falls to us.
  13. Sciz

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    Yeah, Joeckel is in contention to be the #1 overall pick right now, and I've heard rumors that Matthews might return, giving him the chance to both play with his brother (who is a freshman right now) and to raise his stock by playing LT for a year.
  14. ATippett56

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    I'd rather pick Jesse Williams, DT from Alabama than Barrett Jones.
  15. mayoclinic

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  16. DaBruinz

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    No thanks on Lester. He makes Meriweather look like a great tackler...

    Wasn't impressed with Square, though he was playing out of position as a NT. Also don't think he fits the Pats schemes.

    Williams did well at the NT.

    Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu will be available when the Pats pick.

    If Milliner declares, he'll push others down. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see C.J. Mosley declare. He's be a good coverage LB for the Pats...
  17. DaBruinz

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    Really liked Barrett Jones. Warmack started off sluggish, but picked his game up. Fluker seems to be stiff in the hips, though he's got good footwork. I thought that Georgia didn't move Jarvis Jones around enough and lost a bunch letting Jones just try and get around Fluker most of the time..
  18. ctpatsfan77

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    Serious question: In what round?
  19. Avenger

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    In a few years HaHa Clinton-Dix is going to be a stud
  20. cstjohn17

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