Losing a 2nd rounder? We Will most likely get it back...

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  1. BigMike

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    by trading one of the first round picks - Bb/SP have done this before. Theres more value in the mid second round. Listening to the hysterical ladies like Felger seem to forget this point.
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  2. Hok

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    We're still losing a pick. Moving from the 1st to the 2nd doesn't change that.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the Welker move - better to get someone we know can play in the NFL than one we don't. But we're losing a pick, and we won't get it back.
  3. BradfordPatsFan

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    We may get it back. Pats trade a #1 (say 28) for a mid 2nd rounder and something in the future. Remember the deal with Baltimore in 2003? We got a number two (Geno) and a #1 (Wilfork). We end up with the same number of picks but more value.
  4. Hok

    Hok Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    True, we could get a future pick. I thought the original poster meant this year.
  5. Fumblerooski

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    If they trade down from the #28, they can pick up a second (higher than the one they had to give up for Welker) and an extra third round pick. So, they would actually have Welker, still have a second round pick higher than they would have had, and an extra #3 pick in that scenario.

    Granted they don't have TWO #1 picks in that scenario, but the value would probably be better doing the trade and picking up Welker. BB grades all rookies as they fit into his system and seldom have I seen him come up with 28 Graded first round picks, usually the list stops @ #18-#21 or so anyway.

    It would NOT surprise me if they used a third round pick to move up with the #24 to get the player they really want in the first round, and then to trade down at #28 to get the #2 and #3 back plus they would have a true #1 pick plus Welker to boot. Good value!
  6. DaBruinz

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    No, were not losing a pick. If the Pats trade down, they will get the pick back. Be it this year or next year. Also, with 8 picks and as many as 4 comp picks on the way, the Pats can afford to give up a pick in trade like this.
  7. mcbee

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    You have to look at it in isolation.

    YOu can't say "Welker isn't worth a #2, but since we have an extra #1, it'll be OK so it's an OK deal.".

    It's like if you find $5,000 in a shoebox in your basement so you go out and overpay for a new car by $4,000 since "well, it's no big deal!".

    It shouldmake sense on its own.

    Have they already traded for him?
  8. Patsfanin Philly

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    Forgive me for the double post ( I posted this earlier in the Is Welker worth a 2nd rounder? thread)
    here are some scenarios for the Pats to move down from #28 and pick up mid-level value picks ( rounds 2 and 3) at the expense of #28 and other lower picks that equal out in value.......

    In that vein, possible trading partners, IF Pats give up a 2nd for Welker and opt to move #28 to get more picks.....(draft point value in parenthesis)
    SF pick to NE #42 (480) and #76 (210) 2nd and 3rd rounder 690 points
    NE to SF #28 (660) and #165 (25.4) 1st and 6th 685.4 points
    Buf to NE #43 (470) and #74 (220) 2nd and 3rd 690 points
    NE to Buf #28 (660) and #165 (25.4) 1st and 6th 685.4 points
    ATL to NE #44 (460) and #75 (215) 2nd and 3rd 675 points
    NE to ATL #28 (660) and #187 (16.6) 1st and 6th 676.6 points
    Minn to NE #41 (490) and #72 (230) 2nd and 3rd 720 points
    NE to Minn #28 (660) #123 (49) #187 (16.6) 1st,4th,6th 725.6 points

    Would any of these teams trade with NE??? A rebuilding team like SF needs bodies but if they find themselves with a player that they love, they might be inclined to trade up like Buffalo did last year IIRC. Then again a team like Minn or Atl might think that they are only a player or two away and might be inclined.
    Atl is the most intringing as they might be more likely to be dazed and amazed by the thought of another first round pick ( at the cost of a 2 and a 3) ...After all, they think Michael Vick is an NFL QB so anything is possible.
    This would give the Pats a 1st,2nd,3rd,3rd,4th,6th,7th, and any compensatory picks (which can't be traded....)
    Just food for thought...............
  9. kurtinelson

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    Good work. I am not at all concerned that we are giving up a 2nd for Welker.
  10. chowder

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    we have more picks than we need anyways. As long as we are smart about the remaining picks, I see Welker as a good addition to our team and we can still fill all of our team needs with the rest of the remaining picks. This seems to be a deep draft and the Pats are great at finding gems in the later rounds, too, so i'm not worried over losing a second rounder for a good player.
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  11. patfanken

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    The Pats are going to have 12 picks in this draft. Do you really think there are 12 openings on this team?? If I thought this draft was deep enough in the first 4 rounds I trade every pick I had in the lower rounds to move up and wind up with 6 picks in the first 4 rounds plus the comp picks. That would still give us 10 rookies and I'd be pleasantly surprised if 8 make the final roster
  12. signbabybrady

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    That isnt getting a pick back as we could do that regardless of wether we get Welker. That pick is gone if we do the Welker thing. and why just cause we decide to use the 2 on welker would have to get it back presumeably you can get a better player at 24 or 28 than you can in the second and you get an extra year out of the deal.

    IMO Welker at age 25 represents anything you could hope to get in the second. better players may have come from the second but worse have too and he is 25 so has a most of his career left.
  13. shakadave

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    I like how you think!
  14. signbabybrady

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    I like the thought but not sure it is feasable especially if we lose our 2 for welker.

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