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    I'm not sure how readable this is going to be in a message post but I put together a grid of the likelihood that the Pats games will be available in the Los Angeles broadcast market without NFL Ticket by looking at which network has each week's double header (CBS or Fox), the other games on at the same time and the regional broadcast impact of the Chargers. Of course this is just my best judgement at the moment. The networks will make decisions as storylines develop (e.g. undefeated streaks) and playoff positioning starts to take shape and the league itself will re-schedule games to fill in holes where there is a lack of intriguing match-ups. The actual Sunday day games to be broadcast is generally not finalized until Wednesday of each week. Anyway, this is my best guess so take it for what it's worth which ain't much

    If anyone has any input as to factors that I have not considered or knows of TV network policies that will help clarify this, I welcome your input.

    Week # Date Match-Up TIME (ET) TV Likelihood of game being show in LA market
    Week 1 SUN, SEP 7 Kansas City at New England 1:00 PM CBS 25% Favre debut likely to take center stage
    Week 2 SUN, SEP 14 New England at NY Jets 4:15 PM CBS 10% Same time as SD, not likely to be on.
    Week 3 SUN, SEP 21 Miami at New England 1:00 PM CBS 25% CBS other choices are Chiefs-Falcons, Raiders-Bills, Bengals-Giants
    Week 4 Bye Week
    Week 5 SUN, OCT 5 New England at San Francisco 4:15 PM CBS 50% CBS other choices are Bengals-Cowboys and Bills-Cardinals
    Week 6 SUN, OCT 12 New England at San Diego 8:15 PM NBC 100% Primetime National
    Week 7 MON, OCT 20 Denver at New England 8:30 PM ESPN 100% Primetime National
    Week 8 SUN, OCT 26 St. Louis at New England 1:00 PM Fox 75% Fox will likely take the opportunity to show the Pats for the first time this season.
    Week 9 SUN, NOV 2 New England at Indianapolis 8:15 PM NBC 100% Primetime National
    Week 10 SUN, NOV 9 Buffalo at New England 1:00 PM CBS 50% CBS choices are Jags-Lions, Titans-Bears and Bengals-Texans
    Week 11 THU, NOV 13 NY Jets at New England 8:15 PM NFL Network 100% Primetime National
    Week 12 SUN, NOV 23 New England at Miami 1:00 PM CBS 40% CBS other choices are Texans-Browns, Bills-Lions and Jets-Titans
    Week 13 SUN, NOV 30 Pittsburgh at New England 4:15 PM CBS 95% Definitely the national game for most of the country
    Week 14 SUN, DEC 7 New England at Seattle 8:15 PM NBC 95% National - Possibility of being flexed out to afternoon
    Week 15 SUN, DEC 14 New England at Oakland 4:15 PM CBS 90% Currently CBS only option; sometimes they will re-schedule an early game which is why this is not 100%
    Week 16 SUN, DEC 21 Arizona at New England 1:00 PM Fox 25% Fox has 6 game options; will come down to the most intruiging playoff impact
    Week 17 SUN, DEC 28 New England at Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS 20% CBS has 7 game options; will come down to the most intruiging playoff impact
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    When the season gets closer this website will be updated and should be able to help you figure out what games may or may not be on regular TV in your area.

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    Just get the NFL Ticket. Worth every penny.
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    Thanks for posting this. I'm in the exact same boat - meaning in LA and no Sunday Ticket. And having a kid in two weeks is about to complicate my 'watch it at a bar' routine.
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    Just don't call the team the Los Angeles Patriots - Try using a hyphen
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