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    Its been a hell of a ride this season, starting back in oct. i dont think anybody could have predicted that the Pats would improve that greatly. Looking ahead to the offseason I think we are in great shape for the future.

    The number 1 priority for belichick and pioli has to be Seymour’s contract extension, I don’t think after watching him play these last few weeks that you can even risk letting him getting into the free agent market. Besides that the teams seams to be very good shape. With the exception of the linebacker and running back positions this is a young team, relatively speaking. With our position in the draft, we should be able to pick up a Lendale White or a Laurence Maroney (Minnesota), tough inside runners who could step up if Dillion has another injury plagued season.. As for the defense back position, we have the youth at the position we just need a few veteran signings to provide depth.

    All and all I expect us to be deep into the playoffs again next year. :rocker: :rocker:

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