Looking for a bar in San Diego with Pats fans....

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatriotDan, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. PatriotDan

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    Not going to the game... but looking for a proper watering hole to watch the game with some Pats fans.... Anyone??? Anywhere??? Might just end up watching the game at Johnny O's in Del Mar
  2. PatriotDan

    PatriotDan Rookie

    According to the news media, they are locking down the tailgating area to those who have tickets only...
  3. Triumph

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    Are you looking for a ticket?
  4. PatriotDan

    PatriotDan Rookie

    How much are we talking? Other fans in the area? where in the park?
  5. tssd888

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    I live in San Diego and I'm a Charger fan who will be going to the game. However.....you may want to try the Ocean Beach Grille in Ocean Beach, probably call and see. I do know they are very into the Red Sox at this location. I have only been once but I remember seeing Red Sox memorbilia on the walls and a Carl Yaz sandwich on the menu.
  6. tssd888

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    or maybe this place....I've never been here so can't comment.

    The Irish SportsGrill
    176 E Main Street, El Cajon, CA
    (619) 401-2203
    This bar Rocks for New England Fans. 7 42 Inch PLASMAS, NFL TICKET, Pats games are on and the sound is loud enough to hear. The menu has clams and lobster - NO YANKEE HATS, EVER.
  7. SoCal Bong

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    Some of our folks that don't have tickets yet will be tailgating with us and will see if anything comes up with scalpers. If not then they'll head to Seau's or Trophies to watch the game.

    Players is supposedly the big Patriots sports bar in the area, though I don't the location.

    In any case, call and see if they are taking reservations, or what time they are seating people for the late game cause it'll be a zoo at all of them I'm sure.

    If you can get into the parking lot, there will be tailgaters with TVs and generators watching from the parking lot. Not sure how they are going to enforce tickets for everyone just to enter the parking lot.
  8. tssd888

    tssd888 On the Roster

    Players is in Clairemont which is about 10-15 minutes from stadium. I will say this though......Seau's and Trophies are going to be 2 of the 3 most Charger dominated bars (McGregors being the 3rd) in the area. If you are going with a group of Pats fans then I guess you don't care but if you are looking for a place that will already have a bunch of NE fans I can't see Seau's or Trophies working out.
  9. The Dude

    The Dude Banned

    Go to any bar that claims it is a charger bar with a group of pats fans and you will pretty much take it over. They are all sad sack panty waists in socal.

    Why do you think the charger organization has to try and protect it's sad sack fans by instituting ticket sale policies and parking lot policies?

    Simple: They can't defend themselves and turn into church mice when confronted by other teams fans. That is why they need protection because they are easily intimidated.

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