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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by JoeSixPat, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    While I'm sure there are other threads out there about our 2011 draft picks already, the addition of a second 4th rounder for Maroney and the prospect of another high draft pick in a potential Mankins trade is making the Pats 2011 that much more interesting.

    The team already has two 1st rounders, two 2nd rounders, and now an extra 4th that could be packaged with a 3rd rounder to move up and grab a THIRD 2nd round pick, giving the Pats as many as FIVE picks in the first two rounds.

    Add another high pick from a potential Mankins trade (I'm guessing another 2nd rounder - could have been a first if a deal went down before the season started) and you're possibly looking at SIX players in the first two rounds.

    Yeah, I know all of this is idle speculation and there are endless permutations of what the Pats might do with the Maroney 4th rounder whatever they got for Mankins if such a deal even went down, but it would certainly make for an interesting 2011 season - if there IS one that is...

    If there's not a 2011 season then add the full complement of 2012 draft picks to the mix and you've got a pretty amazing amount of young competition trying to make the team.

    Assuming the Pats have hit paydirt with Vollmer, Butler, Chung, Tate and Edelman from 2009 and Gronkowski, Hernandez, McCourty, Spikes, Price and Mesko from 2010 we've got a pretty significant infusion of young talent on top of those 4-6 top two round draft picks to complement the veterans who are already here!

    If Belichick continues to draft well the next dynasty could be established before the old one fades.

    Again, idle speculation and far too early to make any predictions, but there's a ton of draft ammunition already and potentially more on its way!

    (Now let's just hope there IS a 2011 season!)
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  2. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

    TheGodInAGreyHoodie Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    No just threads an entire sub forum.
  3. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    Wow - thanks I'll look.

    The Maroney trade and rumor of a Mankins trade are big news but I had no idea we'd devoted an entire subforum to it! :eek:
  4. FredFromDartmouth

    FredFromDartmouth In the Starting Line-Up

    Yea it could be another big bundle of high picks but to temper you enthusiasm I should note that 2011 promises to be a weak draft because so many underclassmen came out this year to get a deal before the rookie cap. The plus side is the rookie cap so that if Oakland's first is a single-digit deal then the Patriots will not break the bank.

    My big question is if there is a lockout will there even be a draft?
  5. VJCPatriot

    VJCPatriot Pro Bowl Player

    What happens if there is a lockout in 2011 though? Will the Pats still own the rights to their 2011 draftees in 2012 or will they then be treated like free agents?
    Pats might get hurt the most by a lockout in that case.
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  6. BradyMossWelker

    BradyMossWelker Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    We have four picks, and you are already counting six.
  7. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    Yes - there will be a draft in 2011 no matter what.

    I'm not sure that we did see a huge influx of underclassmen this year - I think this expectation had been debunked previously as there were not considerably more underclassmen this year than in previous years. (Although there's no question that this was a deep draft

    Any rookie cap - which I assume refers to a new CBA agreement that seeks to limit the rediculous salaries of Top Ten picks - would be just that - having an impact mainly on the Top Ten. The rest of the players would be looking at the same sort of contracts they now have, most of which are heavilly in favor of the teams and often result in lower draft picks outplaying their rookie contracts.

    The more interesting aspect of all of this is the competition factor of so many young players... this isn't a bad thing, as we know Belichick keeps the best player and will cut anyone who doesn't deserve to make the team regardless of where he drafted him - but could result in a lot of turnover at the bottom and middle of the roster.
  8. jsull87

    jsull87 In the Starting Line-Up

    i'd rather have mankins long term than a 2nd rd pick.. just my opinion.
  9. TriplecHamp

    TriplecHamp Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #24 Jersey

    Cameron Heyward please.
  10. cupofjoe1962

    cupofjoe1962 In the Starting Line-Up

    I would be willing to bet that we trade one of our two 4th round picks
    for a 3rd round pick in 2012.
  11. jsull87

    jsull87 In the Starting Line-Up

    yeah i thought that was debunked also. Someone ran the numbers and i am pretty sure that this draft was pretty similar to most others in regards to under classmen
  12. VJCPatriot

    VJCPatriot Pro Bowl Player

    He looks pretty good in this clip except where he missed the tackle at the goalline.
    YouTube - Cameron Heyward vs. Oregon, Rose Bowl

    The question is, how well does he do against double teams?
  13. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    1. A lot of players will be unable to feed their families.

    2. The Owners will most likely impose their last CBA offer on the NFL and treat player relationships accordingly, so I assume no free agents.
  14. ahmed

    ahmed Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    That would be sweet considering how we got the pick. My wish list in order since I am at:
    WR if we don't resign Moss.
    The rest would just be gravy. Things might change during the season if Brace or Cunningham show a lot or some decent talent hits the free agency.
  15. NYCPatsFan

    NYCPatsFan In the Starting Line-Up

    No Jersey Selected

    Unbelievable that you are speculating about the NEXT draft when a million things can happen between now and then.

    Can't you live in the present and enjoy what seems to be a promising and interesting season that started just three days ago??
  16. rookBoston

    rookBoston 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    #12 Jersey

    The draft geeks say that the 2011 class is looking weak. If that's the case, all those picks may turn into one or two players in the first few rounds and a whole bunch of 2012 selections. Either than, or he'll do what he did in 2008 when he took Meriweather as his only real draft selection, and then traded basically all the rest of his draft value for Welker and Moss.
  17. jsull87

    jsull87 In the Starting Line-Up

    i don't think so i love speculating about drafts and what pick/possition we will take and how strong e.t.c the draft is perceived to be
  18. Bostonian1962

    Bostonian1962 In the Starting Line-Up

    You and me bofe! Hey, don't we now have an extra roster spot? Mankins may be coming back baby! :)
  19. nashvillepatsfan

    nashvillepatsfan In the Starting Line-Up

    You're right. Its much more interesting to argue about Mankins, and Moss in 30 different threads. lighten up Francis
  20. nashvillepatsfan

    nashvillepatsfan In the Starting Line-Up

    I'd be happy with drafting Julio Jones, and Ingram....or Ingrams backup, for that matter. I forget his name, but he looked damn good starting against Penn ST this past weekend.
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