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  1. 40yrpatsfan

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    Consider the position where BB-SP have put us:

    - 3 titles in the last 6 years
    - played to the last minute of the AFC Championship game last season
    - are strong at OL, DL, LB, DB, TE, and QB
    - our only urgent needs are at WR and RB
    - have more remaining cap space than we need
    - have 2 first rounders
    - have multiple supplemental draft picks coming

    It is clearer than ever that their strategy and execution at building and maintaining this team is the best in the NFL. We are blessed.
  2. Sean Pa Patriot

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    The Future is very good, but we still need to keep number 12 healthly.. and lets keep him happy by giving him some weapons....
  3. homerpatsfan

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    we are blessed. lets just stay healthy and down to earth!
  4. signbabybrady

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    I wouldnt say RB is an urgent need we have a 1st round pick who proved he is good and K faulk is a very good compliment to him. its not a complete set of backs but we are ok there.
  5. DaBruinz

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    1) Though the Pats have signed Adalius Thomas (pending his physical), I can't say that they are strong there because they are very weak on depth. They only have Eric Alexander, Corey Mays, and Pierre Woods behind the starters.

    Also can't agree that the Pats are stong at CB. Yes, Asante is franchised, but he wants a long term deal. Until that is done, the Pats only have Chad Scott, Ellis Hobbs, Gemara Williams (if he was tendered), and Antwain Spann back there. Hardly strong.

    Now, I know we just signed Kyle Brady, but Watson is coming off another injury marred season and David Thomas had one good game last year. Thomas SHOULD progree well, but if he gets injured, then he's a huge question mark. Garrett Mills is also a huge question mark as the TE/H-Back.

    2) The Pats have Caldwell, Gaffney, Jackson, Kight, and Childress under contract. The likely-hood of a rookie coming in and having an impact on more than just special teams is small. Will the Pats draft a WR? Almost certainly with Gaffney and Caldwell both in the last year of their contracts and Jackson still an unknown.

    Rumors have it that Sammy Morris is in the process of signing a contract with the Pats. That gives the Pats Maroney, Faulk, Morris and Evans. Not something that I would consider frightening, especially with how fragile Kevin has been the past few years. However, I see the Pats drafting someone to groom behind Faulk as a change of Pace back to Maroney. That could be someone with the versatility of Brian Leonard or someone like a Lorenzo Booker. The Pats could still sign someone like Marcel Shipp as well.

    3) The Pats adjusted cap went up to $112.87 million. That and the release of Dillon just about pays for Thomas or Samuel this year depending on their cap hits when all is said and done. The Pats pushed money into this season from last season to help themselves out.

    Having cap money is good, especially to cover in season injuries.

    4) I am beginning to think that the Pats will see a lot more value in the middle rounds than in the 1st round. This draft just doesn't seem to have a lot of top end talent. Trading down and getting later picks this year or into next year isn't a bad thing.

    5) Based on last year, the Pats are looking at a 4, 2-6's, and a 7th. However, no one knows if the formula has changed with the CBA. There were rumors from Reiss that the Pats would get a 3rd and 5th. Until they are announced (or AdamJT13 scoops the media), we won't know exactly.

    What I do know is that the Pats will have from 11-13 picks in the draft and trading some to next year wouldn't be a bad thing.

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Pats trade with the lions for some of the 5th rounders that the Lions have acquired.
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  6. patsfaninpa

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    One reason I think we keep both firsts is that they can be signed for 5 years. If you're picked after the 1st round, the highest you can go is 4 years. That makes pick 28 a lot more valuable than say pick 39. And, also skews
    that table that evaluates the value of 1st round picks.

    Agree about LB Dabruinz. Would still like to add some depth there and a couple of db's. If we sign Morris, I only see one spot on offense for a rookie and that is backup wr. I see heavy def. lean in this draft.

    1. db - I can see us picking R.Nelson or B.Meriweather. Both have a lot
    range and are ideal centerfielders at FS.
    1. lb or wr - I'm guessing P.Willis doesn't fall to us. So, better value at
    wr. J.Hill or D.Bowe? D.Jarrett seems like a headcase.
    2. wr or lb If we got a lb in round 1. A guy like A.Gonzalez,S. Smith
    C.Davis should be there. Maybe A.Allison. If lb, I'd love to get
    D.Harris here. I'd be willing to move up to get him.
    3. dl - Let's end the M.Hill experiment. And get a 3-4 end. Lack of depth hurt
    us in AFC Title game. Had to keep tired linemen on the field.
    4. lb
    4 supple - db
  7. Sean Pa Patriot

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    We need to be able to stretch the field... If we have a guy to do that , we will be fine... I like a back up running back, but I do not want a draft pick for WR , because as we found out, they dont make that much of a impact...
  8. DaBruinz

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    Who did the Pats have in the last 6 years to "stretch the field"?

    Not Troy Brown. David Patten was marginal at it. Branch "stretched the field" because he ran good routes.

    The only BURNER they had was Bethel Johnson. And, well, he didn't really help the Pats stretch the field.

    What the Pats NEED are receivers (WR, TE, RB) whom TB feels comfortable throwing the ball to because he knows they will catch it. That rapport built up slowly with Caldwell and Gaffney. Another year should be good for them. Brady did rely on Watson, but he got the dropsies there. And Troy Brown had more drops in critical situations than we are used to seeing.

    There could be WR who make an impact, but they are few and far between. That doesn't mean that I don't think the Pats will draft one. On the contrary, I think that the Pats will draft 2 WR. One on day 1 and one on day 2.

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