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    People have mentioned that we avoided the poison pill and avoided pissing off a team.

    I have mentioned several times how the Seahawks used a poison pill in the signing of Vikings RFA Nate Burleson last season. I had forgotten that it was pretty much a retaliation of the Vikings doing the exact same thing to sign Steve Hutchison.

    So as others have said, we gave up a 7th rounder to not start a a bad trend against us.
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    And as I keep mentioning, we also have given ourselves the freedom to work out a deal with Welker on our own terms. I'm pretty sure that is worth the roughly the 230th best player entering the NFL this season.
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  3. Ishdul

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    I doubt the Dolphins care that much about ''wronging'' them. If they feel it's advantageous to offer a poison pill contract then that's what they'll do, regardless of any other factors, and I am certain that the Patriots are the same way.
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    Here's an easy way to look at it:

    Potential trading partners want to ensure they get the best deal and not look for loopholes all the time.

    We just gave a very cheap carrot to continue to appear to be a great franchise to deal with.

    Teams with players to move (ie Briggs, Moss) may now view us a bit more favorably as a trading partner
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    is it so bad to get a 2nd rounder for a player? and if you think he's mroe valuable than a 2nd rounder then tender him higher like the chargers did with Turner.

    In this league there is no nice nice.

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