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Lombardi- the Play

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by Patsfanin Philly, Nov 7, 2010.

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    I went with the Mrs. to see the play on Broadway yesterday and it was great.
    At the Theater in the square, an 800 seat theater, it is set in 1965,Lombardi's 7th year with the team after he had won 2 championships but had a 'drought ' of two years. It involves a reporter from Look magazine sent to interview Lombardi, his wife and several players, Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung and Dave Robinson.
    It captures Lombardi as brilliant coach,master psychologist, driven to succeed who wouldn't tell the press anything lest it give the other team an advantage, especialy regarding injuries. He had little use for the media and his players would run through the wall for him as he transformed a perennial loser into a winner. Sound like any coach we know??
    Dan Lauria ( form the Wonder Years) does a great job as Vince, though at times he sounds like Lewis Black and Judith Light (Who's the Boss) captures his wife Marie as a New Yorker trapped in Wisconsin.
    While tickets list for $110 (typical for a Broadway show), broadwayoffers.com has them for $49 which is very reasonable. It only runs for the next two months so see it if you can.
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    That does sound interesting. But, I doubt I'll be getting back to NYC any time soon. If it ever gets performed locally I'd definitely consider seeing it.

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