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  1. Triumph

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    New England Patriots:

    I laugh when people say the Patriots' window is closing fast as Tom Brady gets older. Are you kidding me? The Patriots are a team in transition, but their window is not closing. In fact, it is getting wider as they keep surrounding Brady with young talent. However, the Patriots need their young players to get tougher -- they need their team to get tougher. Last season, New England allowed its opponents to score every time they were first-and-goal inside the 5-yard line -- every time. Last year, the Patriots had chances to win games in the final drive, but turned the ball over and finished 1-3 in games decided by three points or fewer. Their window is still open, but the youngsters better start to produce.

    NFL.com news: Breaking down AFC picture has Dolphins making big jump
  2. We'll no sh*t! If their 2008,2009 and 2010 classes are a bust, the window will shut.
  3. CheeseMonkeys

    CheeseMonkeys 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    It's a joke to me that anyone thinks the Patriots window is closing. Brady has another 6-7 years left in my opinion and there is so much potential and youth on this team. The way BB is stockpiling draft picks we are only going to get more valuable player in the years to come. If the youngsters we have now pan out then we are looking good.

    It is ridiculous how much credit the Jets have gotten over the past year. I do not think they are a better team than the Pats but most people are rating them higher. We had a better record but got killed by the Ravens, who are a great team. The Jets wound up in the top 4 last year but that doesn't make them better. If anyone thinks the dolphins will top the Patriots this year the they need to rethink that.
  4. MassPats38

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    He still has the Pats as the #2 or #3 team in the AFC East, Lombardi just puts the Fish ahead of the Jets.

    I expect that Chad Henne will be a decent QB for the Fish, and do not doubt the team has talent and potential, but the gimmick of the wild cat appears to be on the way out and the team appears to be moving toward a legitimate passing game, which is no small change. I am not sure they will transition successfully without the need for significant additional personnel moves. I don't question his assessment of last season, just his projection as to this season.

    As for all 3 teams in the East (the Bills of course excluded from that discussion), there are plenty of moving parts that need to click, so any team could potentially take the division title. My money would still be on Brady and the Pats, and the notion a division title is held until someone takes it. And I do like Lombardi's read on the Jets and his caution on stockpiling egos.
  5. Agreed. This hinges more on the draft classes than Brady's age.
  6. cstjohn17

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    I think he is partially right, the younger players do need to step up. The defense will be about the same as last year, pretty good solid with a bunch of glaring mistakes and missed assignments.

    The close games will come down to Brady executing at a higher level, the Denver loss, Miami loss and even the loss against the Colts were all on the offense. I expect Brady to be better and he will have to be for the Pats to win the division.
  7. JMarr

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    Not to be snide, buy exactly what is your opinion based on? Joe Montana may be one of Brady's heroes, but it is by no means a given that Brady will still be playing QB when he's pushing 40.

    Brady is not the same person as the hungry, in-your-face, football-means- everything QB that helped us win three titles.

    I believe he truly wants another ring, especially for Welker and Moss. I still wouldn't trade his attitude or talent for any other QB in the NFL. At the same time, it would not surprise me in the least if he were to leave after this year if there remains any impasse over his contract situation when this season is over.
  8. A.C Vegas

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    What gives you that impression the fact that he decied that hey i have a kid now maybe i should spend a little time with him
  9. Exactly, if the Pats had 2003-2007 Brady, the team goes 16-0 or maybe 14-2. However, with the ACL a two year thing, we will have to see. Do we get a Phillip Rivers or Carson Palmer redux?

    Also, where exactly does it say the more experienced younger players will not get better? In today's NFL, the offense has to keep scoring. Experience and a better offense should help with the 5th scoring defense.
  10. Rob0729

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    I agree with the Brady thing from Lombardi, but I don't know how much he gets if he has the Dolphins as a blue chip team. I think they will be improved, but by how much is much debatable. Brandon Marshall will help the offense. I think people are assuming with the addition of Mike Nolan and Karlos Dansby are going to significantly improve the defense eventhough they still have major questions at both OLB positions (Misi is a rookie and Wake is more of a pure pass rusher who struggles against the run and in coverage) and NT, as well as, safety. Nolan could do a miraculous transformation like he did in Denver last year, but it isn't a given.

    Miami could be a blue chipper when everything is said and done, but I wouldn't put them in that category now.
  11. Rob0729

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    I would shocked to death if Brady left after this season. The only way I can see him playing for another team in 2011 is if he is playing for the new Los Angeles franchise that we were informed on this board a few months back was definitely going to play in LA in 2011 eventhough there is no place for them to play nor any plans to move a team to LA in the near future.

    Brady if injuries do not do him will be playing into his 40s. I have little doubt about it. The guy is probably one of the biggest competitors in football today. Everyone confuses his desire to balance football with family during the offseason with his passion for football. Brett Favre is going to play this year and he is already into his 40s and as long as I can remember, he has spent every offseason in Kilne, MS with his family. They accuse the guy of a lot of things, but not having passion for the game or lack of competitive spirit is not one of them. Why do people hold Brady to different standards in this case? Peyton Manning doesn't spend his entire offseason Indiana either.

    Brady may not be a Patriot until he retire, but barring injuries or a significant decline in talent I see little doubt he will be playing the next 6-7 years. By all accounts, the guy is competitive that he gets animated in a friendly game of dominoes in the lockerroom. Guys like that typically have to be pried from the game when their skills have diminished to the point they are no longer productive.
  12. Uncle Rico

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    I was looking at the '96 team and I feel like this team is approximately at that stage.
    • Some seasoned veteran leadership (Coates, Beldsoe, Collins, Slade, Otis, Clay)
    • Some second-year (CMartin, TJohnson, Ty Law, Wohlabaugh) and third-year (McGinest, Wigham) players starting to make an impact; and
    • Some rookies who had immediate impact (Glenn, Vinatieri) and delayed but longterm impact (Bruschi, Milloy).

    I'm not (necessarily) saying this is a SB team (though it might well be). But the way it's set up long-term is promising, and we'll certainly know a lot more after this year.

    Now, does Brady/2010 = Beldsoe/1996 in terms of future viability? I think so, and then some.
  13. Triumph

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    I will laugh when they fall on their faces.
  14. Triumph

    Triumph Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    How do you know that?

    Chung and Butler could step up big. Mayo played hurt the whole season. McCourty could be the play making CB this defense has lacked since Ty Law. Spikes and Cunningham. Belichick is taking over the defense.

    Im optimistic this D will come together.
  15. BelichickFan

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    We'll have some young guys playing (and making mistakes) but a lot of players like Bodden, Butler, Chung will no longer be in their first year with the team. The defense should make a lot less mistakes.

    Personally I think 2012 is the year our next "dynasty" starts, we had a ton of picks last year, we have a ton of picks next year, in 2012 none of those picks will be rookies. Assuming we've drafted well and that Brady is intact that's when I expect all the talent we've been drafting to really hit the ground running. My opinion is we're in the middle of "competing while rebuilding" readying for a run from 2012-2015 or so. That will round out Brady's career and, quite possibly, Belichick's - although I have a gut feeling Belichick will coach longer and try to win a SB with another QB.
  16. Uncle Rico

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    Totally agree. I'd bet when Brady went down in '08 there was a little bit of that "NOW I'll show you" in BB. Obviously he'd have preferred Brady not have been injured, but BB is as competitive as anybody and he knows how much winning without TB would mean to his legacy. It's just too bad we didn't get to see that '08 team in the playoffs.

    I also think Belichick is smart enough that he'd prefer not to try winning again without Brady any time soon!
  17. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi PatsFans.com Supporter

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    When the time comes, though, I bet he'll give it a try. He would separate from a ton of top coaches like Johnson, Noll, Walsh, who won multiple SB but all with the same QB.
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  18. Calciumee

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    I read this earlier and thought that he actually made sense :)

    But I see Brady playing another 3-4 seasons, I can't see him playing until he is 40.
  19. GoWhalers

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    Agree completely -- I was shocked by where Lombardi ranked Miami. He has them as a Super Bowl contender, whereas I think it's questionable as to whether they make the playoffs.

    No matter how one's ranking of Pats/Jets/Fins varies, it's still going to be a tough fight for the division. I don't see how anyone could guarantee a super bowl contender out of the AFC East at this point.
  20. SidelineSid

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    Well put. A lot of people are on the Miami bandwagon but I'm not, and for good reason. They are weak on the edges. They have a rookie D-end on one side, and a journey man on the other. Their outside linebackers are nothing special. If a rookie can step up as a pass rusher, they might have a shot, but a serious run-stopping threat is nowhere to be seen. That's why tosses and sweeps could be really effective against this team. Matt Light and Volmer against nobodies means a big advantage for us. As long as Koppen holds up and Mankins shows up, our backs should have huge days against Miami.

    When talking about the Jets, only two words are necessary: Mark Sanchez. The Jets had a better defense than we did. Thanks to Mr. Pick Six, (aka the fifth overall pick), their defense was often defending a short field. Sanchez took the Jets offense off the field and kept his defense on it way more than necessary. They have one decent outside line backer is Calvin Pace. They are excited about Vernon Gholston at 3-4 defensive end, (this is the second position that he's never played before). Revis is considering sitting out a portion of the season. Thomas Jones was replaced by a man that was half as productive and for twice the money. Cromartie just got married to the mother of his eighth child. They traded away one of their best defenders, (Kerry Rhodes), for almost nothing. They replaced an established veteran, (Faneca), with a rookie, and they are depending upon him to start. Good luck to Ferguson without the extra help. Most of all, the season hasn't even started and the Jets are going to be on television. Only one team has made the playoffs after being on that show: the Bengals (and look at how far they went). Sleep well New England.

    Granted, we do have our own question marks on our team. But we also have the best quarterback and head coach. We have the depth and youth to be resilient. All we need now is the unity to do so. It's time to step up rookies.

    From sideline to sideline,
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