Local Fan Welcomes New Englanders

Discussion in 'Indiana Patriots Fans' started by Naptown PatsFan, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. As a lifelong resident of this land-locked backwater cesspool I would like to welcome The New England Patriots and their travelling fans from all over the Northeast and the world!!!! As a vocal and loyal Pats fan in this city I can tell you that the reckneck,inbred,Manning-worshipping populace can be a bit difficult to deal with. But just offer them a Slim Jim,some pork rinds and/or a PBR and they will pipe right down. Please have as good a time as possible-the city did put it's best effort together to host this game and have tried hard to overcome the fact that this is,at the end of the day,still Indianapolis. It will be great to see this town overrun with fans clad in Pats gear and speaking with Northeastern accents. This will truly be like the day the circus came to town for this little boy. Go Pats!!!!! Revenge is best served in a cold-weather climate.
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    I live in Indianapolis also. I am always looking for some Pats fans to watch the games with. Are you planning on being downtown for the game? I am looking for someplace down in the middle of it all so I will be ready to raid the streets when they kick the Giants Big Blue Ass... Hit me back

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