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Little Aunt Zucchini Story

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Harry Boy

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    Nov 10, 2005
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    Her Nephew Is The President Of The USA, she donated $250 to his campaign and he hasn't invited her to the White House yet, she hasn't even patted BO or met Windbag Biden (i wonder if she knows where his real birth certificate is)

    Obama’s auntie still freeloading - BostonHerald.com
  2. Mrs.PatsFanInVa

    Mrs.PatsFanInVa PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Sep 7, 2009
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    #24 Jersey

    A few points in your "story," Harry.

    Your article states: This morning, the fate of Boston’s most infamous illegal immigrant, Zeituni Polly Onyango (also known as “Aunt Zeituni”) will be determined in a closed-door hearing.
    Why in secret? Because Auntie’s saga reveals every embarrassing truth that amnesty advocates and open-borders liberals like Mayor Tom Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick try to hide.

    The truth is: Virtually all asylum hearings are held behind closed doors. These are people who are afraid, Harry - many of them with good reason. No one's going to invite the world into their hearings and possibly invite their persecutors in.

    Your article states: She is shamelessly - and happily - living in taxpayer-subsidized housing intended for citizens and legal immigrants.

    The truth is: Onyango's residence in public housing was reportedly approved by the Boston Housing Authority, which accepted her as an "eligible noncitizen." Unlike federally-subsidized public housing, noncitizens are allowed to reside in state public housing.

    Your article states: Aunt Zeituni donated $260 to her nephew’s campaign for president - which is also against the law because she’s not a U.S. citizen. How against the law is it? Remember when the president launched his unprecedented attack against the Supreme Court during his State of the Union? His complaint was that foreigners might donate money to influence U.S. elections.

    The truth is: The campaign of Sen. Barack Obama refunded a small number of contributions made by Obama's aunt, who has been living in the United States illegally, according to a published report.

    Your article states: It is simply impossible to stay in this country illegally without committing other crimes, like tax fraud and identity theft.

    The truth is: Aunt Zeituni has not ever been charged with either of these things. There is no record that she's ever been accused of tax fraud OR identity theft. The statement is a red herring and has no salient point in this story.

    44 - Obama Campaign to Return Aunt's Donations

    Your article states: we get another secret deal that’s almost certain to keep the taxpayers on the hook.

    The truth is: Onyango is one of more than 13,000 immigrants a year who seek to have their cases reopened, which can occur repeatedly, according to federal immigration officials. The extensive backlog in Boston's immigration court makes her 10-month delay routine, if not shorter than many others, according to immigration lawyers.

    Judge Sets 2010 Immigration Hearing for Zeituni Onyango, Obama's Aunt - washingtonpost.com

    And now that I've wasted all this time refuting your little news update - you are aware that it was written in February and that Aunt Zeituni was granted political asylum back in May, 2010, aren't you?

    No more railing about the illegal Auntie Z, Harry, she's as legal as you and I.

    Obama's aunt given OK to stay in United States - Local News Updates - MetroDesk - The Boston Globe
  3. Real World

    Real World Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 15, 2006
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    C'mon Harry Boy. Everyone knows illegal aliens are here to work hard, and none of them ever collects taxpayer funded benefits from the gubmit. It's impossible to.

    I can't wait until November.

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