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Listen To Bill Cosby "He's Right"

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Apr 1, 2007.

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    The politically correct news media is finally being forced to put this stuff on the front page, Boston has it's own "Little Baghdad" it's called Dorchester, Roxbury and Jamacia Plain.

    Bill Cosby tried to warn his people about these things and instead of giving him credit for trying to help young people they called him names, they called him an "Uncle Tom" the White wine and cheese liberal do-gooders stuck their snooty noses in the air and looked the other way Cosby's words didn't fit into their litte Feel Good Sh!t Plan, "why if these young people start acting like civilized people we won't have anybody to slobber over".

    The Liberal do-gooder doesn't think these little savages with their "Glock Pistols" should be taught to be normal law abiding citizens, the Looney's want you to change your lifestyle, they want you to stay home after dark, they want you give up your gun, they want you to run out of your own house and leave your family if one of these "maggots" invades your home (Dukakis) when one of them slaughters a little child with a bullet the Liberal Politically Correct Sap doesn't want the shooters "Description" printed in the news (Racist They Say) well they have finally been forced to start talking about this little war because it is getting out of hand and there is still much that the public hasn't heard (Racist Sh!t Again) but it is coming out the Savage Himself is bringing it all to a head.


    I wonder if that poor girl that got shot at the party was one of thos gullible young people that believed all the Bullsh!t that she sees in the liberal left wing movies and all the other diversity crap she saw in those "Dummy TV Sit Coms"

    You young girls out there be careful, when you enter a club or a bar you are in The Real World then and it isn't the world that Politically Correct Do-Gooder would like you to think it is.


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