Lisa - Pats Fan From Canada Attenting 1st Game Seeking Advice

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  1. IcyPatriot

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    Lisa posted this in the ladies forum and I did not think anyone would see it.
    So I posted it for her also ... hopefully she sees it.

  2. Lisa

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    Thanks! Yes any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Nikolai

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    What I wear on frigid days:

    Layer 1: Under Armour Cold Gear Compression L/S Shirt and Leggings
    Layer 2: L/S Cotton shirt and Jeans
    Layer 3: Hoodie
    Layer 4: Pats jersey
    Accessories: Under Armour Cold Gear Gloves, Neoprene ski mask (with enough flex to move off of face), Pats beanie

    Layer 1: Moisture wicking socks
    Layer 2: Wool socks
    Layer 3: Just regular shoes

    Wearing all of this, I've stayed plenty warm during games, but once the sun goes down and if the game is out of hand, you're going to be a bit exposed, so it'll get a bit chillier.


    Tailgating? Depends on what you want to do. I do burgers, steak and peppers, and I did chili once, but never again. A small grill, table, chairs, food supplies, beer/beverage of your choice, and some other snacks for sitting around before and after the game. I bring a football and a frisbee that I'll toss around with my mates. I'll bring some Pats stuff to hang around my otherwise nondescript truck.


    As for when to leave for a 1pm game, it depends on where you're traveling from and how long you want to hang out before the game. Traveling from central CT, I tend to leave around 830am to get there and parked by around 1030am. I usually wind up in P10 somewhere.


    Unsolicited advice: Expect to have about two hours to kill after the game. You can either plan for it and have a postgame tailgate, or sit and chill in your car for a couple hours waiting in the rat race to get out of the lots.

    Only once have I been lucky enough to get out quickly and back home in time to catch the second half of the late game.

    Good luck and have fun!
  4. Lisa

    Lisa Rookie

    Thank you for all the suggestions! I am going to hunt down a mini bbq! Thanks again!!
  5. ndreeya

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    Nikolai gave great tips and much better organized than I am! :)

    My best friend and I have season tickets and have tailgated through all kinds of weather at Gillette and have found a few things helpful to us. We discovered that for lower body-- Under Armour is a good first layer, followed by a layer of cotton thermals followed by some sort of leggings. We found the jeans get cold and the leggings are just more comfy because of the stretch factor. Under Armour, thermals and a good winter jacket with a hood are fine for the upper body. A scarf, hat and either a couple of pair of gloves or I like to use handwarmers in a pair of mittens (but I get cold real easy and willing to sacrifice the grip!). Ugg boots are our favorite along with toe/foot warmers.

    For hotels/motels near the stadium, I can't really speak of. We drive and only stay at the Marriott on property for opening day because it is about $425 plus $50 parking on game day. I would advise looking at trip advisor or some other website where you can get some ratings because honestly some of those places to stay look a bit sketchy to me, like one too many parties happened there!! Plus the great part about staying on property is you have a short walk to the hotel and you can walk to the stores & restaurants at Patriot Place (ie. Toby Keith's, CBS Scene, Bar Louie, and Charming Charlie are a few our favorite stops).

    For tailgate drinks though need to be made/kept warm so I doubt this will help you much but we find in the cold weather that a jug full of cocoa and Bailey's helps to keep you warm or even cocoa and Peppermint Schnapps. Love those warm drinks out in the cold air!! Another favorite is to heat up over a low heat 1/2 portion Captain Morgan and 1/2 apple cider with a few cinnamon sticks.

    Most important-- Enjoy!!! I love New England fans and have found that we make friends every time we go, even just walking through the parking lot to get into the game.

    Also the parking lots open 4 hours before the game so the game on the 30th, you can get in there around 9. The earlier, the less time sitting in traffic to get in as well if you don't stay right near there. If you decide to go into Toby Keith's or any restaurant there, we found out they don't start serving liquor until noon (11am in the Marriott hotel bar).

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  6. Lisa

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    Thanks Andrea! All of these tips are awesome! It is difficult to plan going when I've never been and can't consult my boyfriend because its a surprise!!

    If anyone else has a suggestions/recommendations, please don't be shy!
  7. AcadiaFan

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    Hey Lisa - I am heading to my first game on December 16 just ahead of you I can post after to give you some of my Canada best of tips! In the meantime, keep those suggestions coming for the 49ers game. Staying on site so will be hitting the tailgate as a "walk on". I am sure a Canadian will fit in no problem - especially one from Nova Scotia.
  8. Nikolai

    Nikolai Football Atheist Supporter

    Yep, no worries. I see people from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI with some frequency. Glad to have the Maritimers coming down!
  9. azkiel

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    Hi all,

    Sorry to hijack this old thread, but since I just registered my account, I can't create a new one.

    I'm traveling from Montreal with a friend (niners fan!) for the SNF game. Problem is that this friend decided that it was a good time to break a bone in his foot during a flag football game this week!

    It's not gonna be my first time at Gillette stadium, however I haven't been there since Patriots Place was build. I was planning on having dinner over there before the game.

    What would be the best strategy for us to park as near as we can to avoid too much walking since he's using crutches? And a what time should we be there? I don't really care about the price of the parking.

    And for what it's worth, we have a room at the Econo Lodge near the stadium and we should be there at 15h if the trip goes well.
  10. PatsWSB47

    PatsWSB47 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    There are some parking and seating accommodations available:

    I'd call to see if a broken leg and on crutches qualifies...worth a shot.He being a 49ers fan might qualify him next time because of his broken heart:p
  11. Chopblock CB

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    You have to call ahead of time and ask the receptionist answering the phones to put you in touch with the PR folks...tell them your situation and they will put you on a list for the P2 parking lot or VIP lot. You can NOT park in a disabled spot without a disabled placard in Mass so they will probably put you as close to the HP lot as possible. You can also take the elevator up to your level of seats. rather than having to climb steps or walk the ramp up there..ask them about that when you call them.
  12. azkiel

    azkiel Rookie

    Great, thanks for the info, I'll see what I can do about that.

    And what about the restaurants at Patriots Place, at what time should we be there if we plan on eating there?
  13. Chopblock CB

    Chopblock CB On the Game Day Roster

    There are several places to go..but expect to pay a premium price..In all honesty...the food in the stadium isn't all that bad...It's all owned by Kraft now...the have a BBQ stand..Pizza...Sausages...Brats....all sorts of healthy stuff like salads and veg dishes..pretty cool..
    If not..CBS Scene is cool...Toby Keith's place is ok...olive garden is there too...GET THERE EARLY!!!!!
  14. murphysbuddylove

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