Link to a funny Q&A with (and I'm not kidding here) Michael Bishop

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    Canwest: What’s the silliest money you’ve seen a pro athlete spend?
    Bishop: I saw [former Patriots defensive back] Ty Law drop $125,000 on a car out of the blue. What was it ... I can’t think of the name of that car now, but I’ve seen that happen.

    hmmm...i wonder why Law has trouble feeding his family...
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    Sympathetic view of Katz:

    For so many years, Katzenmoyer’s life was not normal. He was the country’s top defensive recruit coming out of high school and wore Archie Griffin’s No. 45 at Ohio State.

    He had so much success, including consensus all-American honors as a sophomore, that he was briefly tempted to challenge the N.F.L.’s minimum-age requirement, which states that a player must be three years removed from high school to play.

    Off the field, things became absurd. A round of golf would draw 35 gawkers on the tee box. He would get requests for autographs during exams. His sister Laura Mowad called her credit card company in South Dakota and the person became extremely excited because she was related to Katzenmoyer. Shy and private by nature, Andy Katzenmoyer didn’t get it.

    “I’ve always wanted to be just a regular person,” he said. “I know it’s weird to say. I never did think what I did by playing football warranted any kind of celebrity.”

    Then Katzenmoyer landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated before his senior year in 1998. The magazine ranked the Buckeyes No. 1 with an asterisk: “If Andy Katzenmoyer makes the grade.”

    Two articles in the magazine lampooned Katzenmoyer’s academic course load. To be eligible to play, he needed to pass Golf 1, Music 140 and AIDS: What Every College Student Should Know. Not helping his image, he had also been arrested for drunken driving that March.

    Katzenmoyer said it took years to overcome the perception that the article created. It stung so much that he has not opened an issue of the magazine since.
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