Life immitating immitating life.

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by efin98, May 26, 2009.

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    It's already been speculated that President Obama's rise and election has been stated to be just like the TV show "The West Wing", and the creators and writers of the show have stated that the last two seasons featuring a similar politician(popular young minority congressman) were based on him. Last year's election was very similar to the show's Presidential election that saw a Democratic Party go to the convention with no clear winner and the need for backroom deals and change of minds to get a winner, in addition to an elderly Senator from out west who was in his swan song in politics who alienated the conservative base of the Republican Party.

    But that was based on the last two seasons. This goes even farther back now: the selection to the Supreme Court of a Hispanic justice from New York City who rose up from humble beginnings to make a good life for herself and her family and who went on to the federal courts after years working in the city's judicial system - it's very similar to their storyline about Justice Mendoza on the show, played by Edward James Olmos...

    Take it as it is or see something more behind it...but worth pointing out that it's very similar to reality.
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    I hope the Republicans will have the balls to go through her dirty laundry and her rubbish bags the way the Democrats did to Justice Thomas & Sarah Palin.

    In a couple of more years all of Prince Obama's politically correct and left wing liberal bullsh!t will be in place then Allah & His Bombs will be back.

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